Don’t stick your hand where it doesn’t belong

Over the past few weeks I have gone over the protocols of coat check and other fun facts. The things to know and be aware of, but as I was working one night I came across something I have not mentioned yet in this blog. And this week’s coat check clue in for the week is..( drumroll please)…NEVER REACH INTO THE TIP JAR.

NEVER REACH INTO THE TIP JAR to make change for yourself or for any other reason. Your hand does not belong in there Digging. This is a big fat faux pas that will totally get your coat check person to turn from a Dr. Jekyll to a Mr./Ms. Hyde. Although you may mean well, your action is being read a totally different way. Why? Because money is involved. I am sure you have heard it or experienced it in some fashion, that when money is involved things can get touchy, tense at times. There is the understated emotional line this is crossed, and once you do that you’ve already branded yourself: Rude, Asshole, Deceptive, a Snooker. (Maybe Snookie got her name because she was always trying to pull a fast one..) hummm. that is something to think about.That is what this action You are initiating is coming across as. Have no fear this is easily solvable.

But how does one avoid that?

You find yourself in the predicament that you need change, and you see a tip jar full of one dollar bills. This next decision, kids is the what separates us from the primates.. ha ha What are you going to do? Take the Red Pill or The Blue Pill?

A. Are you gonna just stick your hand in the tip jar and while your hand is in the jar tell the coat check person that you “are making change.”


B. You keep it together; poker facing that last carbomb and those red cheeks and eyes and you actually talk to your coat check person and ask them for change.

Well, for the brainiacs who picked B, you get a cyber pat on the back. Yes people, you engage the coat check person and just ask them flat out. “I need change for a ten dollar bill”. They in turn will either give you the change that you need, or if by some odd reason your coat check person is out of one dollar bills, they will be the ones to reach into their jar and make change for you.In general always ask! Talk! find out the answers. General rule of thumb: Don’t stick your hand where it doesn’t belong. I am sure your mama has told you that at some point in your life.

I find the personality type that frequents this behavior are the gigantic ego types that can’t seem to put it together that they are not the only ones in this world. The I am so full of myself, I can do anything I want kind of person. This is the bossy type. They are ( Peppermint Patty’s) like from The Peanuts. Peppermint Patty’s are not all bad they just don’t think, and are imposing.

So this party week:  be less ego, super social, inquisitive, and a magical tipper. Your New Year will hold many exciting moments and the best thing is you get your brand new coat back that you bought on Black Friday.


This week in Music

This week in Music I was able to see a really awesome Christmas show. It was Brian Setzer and The Big Band. Talk about amazing and fun! It was a holiday show that was a mix of holiday classic Christmas songs, Rockabilly and big Band songs, and songs from his past bands like The Stray Cats. If you want to be WOWWED! just go see the dude play. He can play anything. I was mostly impressed when he did his own rendition of the Nut Cracker Suite. The Big Band was a true big band full horn section, drums! woodwind section, and these guys had the moves. Lawrence Welk would have been proud! A family holiday show for all ages.






Did you know that in throughout history there was always somewhere to store your valuables. I came about this thought while I was out and about one day. I was thinking about the past and how people lived, and what came to my mind.. What was it like in the Medieval times.  Using the power of THE INTERNET,  I came about some interesting stuff.
Coat Checks where not always called coat checks. They were also known as cloak rooms, garderobes, entryways, solars; which then spins off into your hall trees, and hat stands. But let’s go big right now! Imagine a castle. Yes, the full deal with the moat and whatever your mind can conger up. The term used in this time was garderobe.. I find this to be kinda funny garder-robe. Robe is also another word for coats.. I can hear it now in some dry humor… can I guard your robe.. ha ha ha. It was a small room or large cupboard, usually adjoining the chamber or solar and providing safe-keeping for valuable clothes and other possessions of price: cloth, jewels, spices, plate and money.
But seriously, According to medieval architecture scholar Frank Bottomley, garderobes were; a place where clothes and other items are stored, and also a medieval toilet. Yes, folks at one point in time the two were combined but it was a Medieval castle and people back then were still figuring stuff out. But what is more ironic is that most coat checks are near the bathroom.
Let’s move on to cloak rooms; A cloakroom, or sometimes coatroom, is a room for people to hang their cloaks. They are typically found inside large buildings.

I guess at some point in US history; The concept of the coat check was initiated by Albert Behar in the New York area shortly after the Depression. Mr. Behar noticed that customers put their coats on the back of their chairs, and offered to store the coats for the customers in a small room adjoining the restaurant. I wonder if Joy Behar from THE VIEW is related to man who initiated coat check in NY.
And this leads us to the modern home.. Entryways.. were adopted from earlier historical concepts and today you’ll find an entryway is a hall that is generally located at the front entrance of a house.  Many houses do not have an entryway; in these the front door leads to a foyer, or directly into the living room or some other room in the house.
So there you have it there was always somewhere to store your valuables from swords, cloaks, to the hello kitty umbrella.

This week’s coat check tip of the week… is about Tipping. I get this question all the time. When should I tip? Before? After? First off, I think the traditional concept for coat check is to tip when you pick up your coat. It’s gratitude for service. “Thanks for taking care of my coat, here is my gratitude in the form of a tip”.  But let’s move away from the traditional. There are those people who tip before which is kind too. Personally, when I work coat check upon checking in your items, I do have about 20-30 seconds extra to complete the whole transaction; so by tipping upfront I see you tipping,  and if your a memorable personality or have a memorable coat I’ll most likely remember you. There is no hardcore rule about tipping.. just remember to exercise good judgement on your experience, and if you had more than a decent time, then by all means TIP that checker. Plus, it’ll get you in that holiday spirit.

I’ll be recommending bands to check out too in this blog.
This week’s music recommendations: Jagwar Ma, and King Krule.
And if you have a pre-teenage girl in your house school up on Kaylin and Myles.  Sheila E. has a new record out that hasn’t even hit the US market’s yet. Check out a sample somewhere online.

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 Oh the weather outside is frightful But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
or correction you do have a place to go, something social and festive at a big event. You are most likely sport in’ your winter clothes. A good jacket, scarf, gloves, a beanie, hat, that extra sweater under your coat even the occasional umbrella.
Your layered up enough to keep yourself warm enough to get to that event.

Upon arrival you find out there is a place to stash your items. Here are a few note worthy items to remember.
 1. When arriving at the coat check make sure you have money, now you don’t have to have a lot of money but have cash. Most coat checks operate on cash. Unless your in Las Vegas or some swanky party your normal coat check price is between $2 and $5 dollars. And if it is a public event in which you had to buy a ticket for then expect to cough up the nominal fee. Never assume coat check it free. I get the occasional question/statement; Oh coat check is not free? And the same question always comes to the front of my mind…What venue are you going to that coat check is free? I’d like to know so I can go there to experience a free coat check.  A general rule of thumb BRING MONEY. If your one of those people who barely made it to the event make sure you have someone in your group who can float you cash. I get it, these days money is tight but if you’ve invested the time to buy a ticket to the show hook yourself up with at least $10 extra to buy you a beer and check your coat.
Be ready to hand in your coat. When handing in your coat it is always a thumbs up if you are ready and have everything you need out of your pockets and purses, and backpacks. The main reason why… your not the only person in line. Nothing holds up the line than a DIGGER.  I get it your rummaging to find that lighter or lipgloss, or whatever you are trying to find, do the right thing and step aside. The coat check person will still be there checking coats.  And don’t forget once you find the item TAKE it with you.  Trust me, the coat check person does not want to watch you put on your lipgloss. You will be ear marked the repeat offender coming back multiple times to check your bag. Now if you are a repeat offender you best better be tipping each time you show up to get something. And buyer beware depending on some coat checks you may not be able to retrieve your item(s) without paying to recheck it this is dependent on the checker and type of event.  If you fall into this group the best thing to do is TALK to your coat checker at the beginning just ask nicely if I need something can I come back? They will let you know right then and there what you can expect. And if you have any other questions ask them. Be socially responsible.
The Double up.. When your reading the signs and price of coat check and it says PER ITEM.. it’s PER ITEM. If you are not sure what the definition of PER is, it pretty much is another word for EACH. Each item. Each item costs $2$,3,$ 4, etc.  Shoving your friend’ s lightweight downed jacket in the sleeve or submitting it as an under layer and trying to dupe your coat checker does one major thing: It makes you look like a douche bag. You come across like your pulling a fast one when at the end of the day your not. Once again, ask your checker what is countable as an item. If your wearing a small throw or extra shirt and you submit both most likely you’ll only be charged to check in your jacket. There is a major reason why the PER ITEM exists, because you will be issued a claim tag for each item. It’s a system that is designed to account for what you submit.  For example your on a date and it’s not going so well.. you have two items submitted and have two tickets so you and the other person can go your separate ways. Now if you had 1 ticket and two items you’d have to claim your item and then go see this person again and have an awkward moment. I see this happen so often a fight between friends, lovers, and couples, or someone wants to leave early, someone is too drunk, someone is not feeling good, the person who had the ticket lost it and now your both Fucked.. you catch my drift. Basic bottom line a ticket an item ensures your get your item back. So don’t get huffy with that double up puffy and a small sweater. Double ups get your act together.  

So this week we have covered that it’s COLD out there!
To have money or a source to money, to be prepared, and don’t double up.
The next time your out test drive these suggestions. You are building up your coat check knowledge.  I’ll be back next week with more advice.
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Let Go of Your Woobie.. Oh I meant Coat

I guess a person’s initial experience in using coat check is usually when they start socializing and going out. Night clubs, country clubs, the opera, a sporting event where it would be common place to find somewhere to stash your belongings during the event and pick them up later.  And this can occur at any age, but one thing holds true you must be shown the protocol of how to use the coat check. It’s a small part of the right of passage to your social life, but an essential one. Just like any life skill like tying your shoe laces, someone had to show you the art of making the two loops and fixing them together so you wouldn’t TRIP. And, after you practiced you could do it on your own at any time needed.

This is my 2.5 cents to the world of coat check. If your the inquisitive type of person. I do work in the world coat check, have been rockin’ the coat check since 2006. And I have checked many a coat. All different types of coats, and each coat belongs to an owner, and that is a (future blog) . I am one of the first persons’ or the first person that you see when you enter the venue; sometimes you may even put me before you visit the bar. Other times, I see you pass me by with this inquisitive look like what are you doing in there? What exactly is that little room your in? or if your in a nasty mood.. I rather carry my own coat; why should I even pay for this; or how can I get a free coat check. And this is where life gets interesting, your either one of those people who has no problem asking questions, or your waaay on the introverted side that it pains you to even utter a word that you’d rather scratch out your eyeballs. Or your the.. I’ve never done this before, can talk, but at the same time a highly anxious person that you debate in your head if you can let go of your woobie. LET GO OF YOUR WOOBIE! I call your group the Linus’.

And last but not least everyone has a little Ebenezer Scrooge (for those don’t know this name Wiki it) in them. Yes folks the miser, the penny pincher, the cheapskate, the free loader, the broke friend in the group with no money, I could go on…
the one who will get fucked up the most and be the most high maintenance that you are the downer in the group because people have to take care of you. Your Wimpy, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Your just a big time party mess in that cabeza that holds your brain. I find that everyone has a different level of Scrooge in them from none, low, med, high, and extreme. For those on the extreme side it must be hard to be you, and how did you even make it out of the house? This personality, is the one I deal with the most so of course I had to embellish. Oh and embellish I shall. (Future Blog)

I’ll be there when you get there, and I’ll be there when you leave. I’ll be the one you come to when you’ve lost something and in tears, and trying to calm you down. And I’ll be the one giving you the business teaching you the most valuable lesson of losing your ticket. Everyone does it occasionally but eventually you’ll learn.  And when the hangers are left on the the rack and the tickets in the trash another night to remember for both of us coat checker and patron. Remember: Practice makes perfect, and so do TIPS from Jesus.

And my Blog will cover all kinds of things that I find interesting, protocol, odd questions, concert show reviews. I will be posting weekly and I do encourage you to all pass on my blog to your friends, family, and strangers that you meet. Also publishable copy for distribution is available just contact me.

Until Next Blog…Image


Wiki is recommended for references you don’t get.