Let Go of Your Woobie.. Oh I meant Coat

I guess a person’s initial experience in using coat check is usually when they start socializing and going out. Night clubs, country clubs, the opera, a sporting event where it would be common place to find somewhere to stash your belongings during the event and pick them up later.  And this can occur at any age, but one thing holds true you must be shown the protocol of how to use the coat check. It’s a small part of the right of passage to your social life, but an essential one. Just like any life skill like tying your shoe laces, someone had to show you the art of making the two loops and fixing them together so you wouldn’t TRIP. And, after you practiced you could do it on your own at any time needed.

This is my 2.5 cents to the world of coat check. If your the inquisitive type of person. I do work in the world coat check, have been rockin’ the coat check since 2006. And I have checked many a coat. All different types of coats, and each coat belongs to an owner, and that is a (future blog) . I am one of the first persons’ or the first person that you see when you enter the venue; sometimes you may even put me before you visit the bar. Other times, I see you pass me by with this inquisitive look like what are you doing in there? What exactly is that little room your in? or if your in a nasty mood.. I rather carry my own coat; why should I even pay for this; or how can I get a free coat check. And this is where life gets interesting, your either one of those people who has no problem asking questions, or your waaay on the introverted side that it pains you to even utter a word that you’d rather scratch out your eyeballs. Or your the.. I’ve never done this before, can talk, but at the same time a highly anxious person that you debate in your head if you can let go of your woobie. LET GO OF YOUR WOOBIE! I call your group the Linus’.

And last but not least everyone has a little Ebenezer Scrooge (for those don’t know this name Wiki it) in them. Yes folks the miser, the penny pincher, the cheapskate, the free loader, the broke friend in the group with no money, I could go on…
the one who will get fucked up the most and be the most high maintenance that you are the downer in the group because people have to take care of you. Your Wimpy, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Your just a big time party mess in that cabeza that holds your brain. I find that everyone has a different level of Scrooge in them from none, low, med, high, and extreme. For those on the extreme side it must be hard to be you, and how did you even make it out of the house? This personality, is the one I deal with the most so of course I had to embellish. Oh and embellish I shall. (Future Blog)

I’ll be there when you get there, and I’ll be there when you leave. I’ll be the one you come to when you’ve lost something and in tears, and trying to calm you down. And I’ll be the one giving you the business teaching you the most valuable lesson of losing your ticket. Everyone does it occasionally but eventually you’ll learn.  And when the hangers are left on the the rack and the tickets in the trash another night to remember for both of us coat checker and patron. Remember: Practice makes perfect, and so do TIPS from Jesus.

And my Blog will cover all kinds of things that I find interesting, protocol, odd questions, concert show reviews. I will be posting weekly and I do encourage you to all pass on my blog to your friends, family, and strangers that you meet. Also publishable copy for distribution is available just contact me.

Until Next Blog…Image


Wiki is recommended for references you don’t get.



I have been working in coat check since 2006 in a few live music venues. This blog is something I have meaning to do for a long time. Enjoy!

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