Oh the weather outside is frightful But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
or correction you do have a place to go, something social and festive at a big event. You are most likely sport in’ your winter clothes. A good jacket, scarf, gloves, a beanie, hat, that extra sweater under your coat even the occasional umbrella.
Your layered up enough to keep yourself warm enough to get to that event.

Upon arrival you find out there is a place to stash your items. Here are a few note worthy items to remember.
 1. When arriving at the coat check make sure you have money, now you don’t have to have a lot of money but have cash. Most coat checks operate on cash. Unless your in Las Vegas or some swanky party your normal coat check price is between $2 and $5 dollars. And if it is a public event in which you had to buy a ticket for then expect to cough up the nominal fee. Never assume coat check it free. I get the occasional question/statement; Oh coat check is not free? And the same question always comes to the front of my mind…What venue are you going to that coat check is free? I’d like to know so I can go there to experience a free coat check.  A general rule of thumb BRING MONEY. If your one of those people who barely made it to the event make sure you have someone in your group who can float you cash. I get it, these days money is tight but if you’ve invested the time to buy a ticket to the show hook yourself up with at least $10 extra to buy you a beer and check your coat.
Be ready to hand in your coat. When handing in your coat it is always a thumbs up if you are ready and have everything you need out of your pockets and purses, and backpacks. The main reason why… your not the only person in line. Nothing holds up the line than a DIGGER.  I get it your rummaging to find that lighter or lipgloss, or whatever you are trying to find, do the right thing and step aside. The coat check person will still be there checking coats.  And don’t forget once you find the item TAKE it with you.  Trust me, the coat check person does not want to watch you put on your lipgloss. You will be ear marked the repeat offender coming back multiple times to check your bag. Now if you are a repeat offender you best better be tipping each time you show up to get something. And buyer beware depending on some coat checks you may not be able to retrieve your item(s) without paying to recheck it this is dependent on the checker and type of event.  If you fall into this group the best thing to do is TALK to your coat checker at the beginning just ask nicely if I need something can I come back? They will let you know right then and there what you can expect. And if you have any other questions ask them. Be socially responsible.
The Double up.. When your reading the signs and price of coat check and it says PER ITEM.. it’s PER ITEM. If you are not sure what the definition of PER is, it pretty much is another word for EACH. Each item. Each item costs $2$,3,$ 4, etc.  Shoving your friend’ s lightweight downed jacket in the sleeve or submitting it as an under layer and trying to dupe your coat checker does one major thing: It makes you look like a douche bag. You come across like your pulling a fast one when at the end of the day your not. Once again, ask your checker what is countable as an item. If your wearing a small throw or extra shirt and you submit both most likely you’ll only be charged to check in your jacket. There is a major reason why the PER ITEM exists, because you will be issued a claim tag for each item. It’s a system that is designed to account for what you submit.  For example your on a date and it’s not going so well.. you have two items submitted and have two tickets so you and the other person can go your separate ways. Now if you had 1 ticket and two items you’d have to claim your item and then go see this person again and have an awkward moment. I see this happen so often a fight between friends, lovers, and couples, or someone wants to leave early, someone is too drunk, someone is not feeling good, the person who had the ticket lost it and now your both Fucked.. you catch my drift. Basic bottom line a ticket an item ensures your get your item back. So don’t get huffy with that double up puffy and a small sweater. Double ups get your act together.  

So this week we have covered that it’s COLD out there!
To have money or a source to money, to be prepared, and don’t double up.
The next time your out test drive these suggestions. You are building up your coat check knowledge.  I’ll be back next week with more advice.
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Until next time.




I have been working in coat check since 2006 in a few live music venues. This blog is something I have meaning to do for a long time. Enjoy!

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