That Secret Special Place

There is a secret special place you and only you could know.
That secret special place that holds your important things you hold.
A secret special place that you go to time and time again
That secret special place you only share with a close friend.

Like my poem.. ? It’s the intro to this week’s coat check blog.. that secret special place. Everyone has one, sometimes it’s so secret you can’t even remember it especially when you have had a round or three.  But this week I am highlighting the special places we all use.
There are many a check where once the person gets the coat check stub the next move is on the patron to store it.  And storage on a night where you wanna be wild and cra- zay .. is a prime.

Men – Men’s storage is kinda on the predictable side, of course I don’t discount anything they can get pretty creative when needed to but here are the go to spots..
THE WALLET .. those infamous black/brown leather wallets with the compartmentalized sections.. the bills and money section, then the six or eight slits for those credit cards, and the clear face for the ID’s. Guys who usually bust out the wallet shove their coat check ticket into two areas in the clear face right where their ID is at so they can see it, the other spot is into one of those misc. slits. Shoved deeply they can’t see it. (It’s always this action that causes the self induced anxiety, and then when found, the deepest sigh of relief.)
Above the denim pocket there lies an even smaller space.. Both men’s and women’s denim have this compartment.. I don’t know if this was created as a utility move or just a straight up fashion move.. but what ever it is called it is used and works most of the time.
The regular pockets either in the front or back pockets. Not the most secure spot. Why? because as the night progresses those become the reserves for your cash that you are using that night, flyers, phone numbers, your cellphone. And the more that you use that pocket the more the likelihood that you are going to have something fall out of it and poof! there goes that twenty dollar bill that you crumpled up.
Your a pocket kind of guy. front shirt pocket! That is near and dear to your heart. This is what I call the fifty-fifty spot.. coming to claim your coat at the end of the night is like spinning the roulette wheel… front of the line? end of the line? tears? As Robert Smith from The Cure sings “Boys don’t Cry”

Women – The Ladies have a few more options to go on as those mentioned above.  Depending on your fashion choice for the evening you can get pretty crafty.
Behold the power of the bra.. Never underestimate the utility of the bra. It can hold many different things. I’ve seen sizable things to the most smallest things. Cellphones, cigarette packs, mini liquor bottles, YOUR COAT CHECK claim number… The bummer side of this at the end of the night, is that you are whipping’ out a sweaty ass ticket, and so happy that your ta-tas have held it together don’t expect any coat check person to take it from you.  My piece of advice is put it on the counter.
The Boot… As in your shoe, not for the wheel of your car. Boots are in fashion. You can go to any shoe website and it’s BOOTS, BOOTS, BOOTS.. they are all the rage this season. So how does this work.. well most boot wearers must wear long socks at least a knee high number, you can always stick that ticket in that sock and zip that puppy up and poof your on your way to the dance floor. Now if you have not done your laundry and wearing short socks that may get tricky but I am sure where there is a will there is a way.

So you off you go my coat check patrons.. off with your coat,  off with your hats, off with your bags, and shoes and whatever else you decide to shed for the night. Celebrate your secret spots, and don’t forget to tell a friend because two heads are better than one.

Until next time

CHECK MY COAT is available for distribution. Email CMC for more info.



I have been working in coat check since 2006 in a few live music venues. This blog is something I have meaning to do for a long time. Enjoy!

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