Forgotten and Left Behind

The show is over and the crowd is leaving the venue, the last of the drinks are finished; the gathering of the friends commences to find the after party; So does the gathering of the belongings.
The gathering of the belongings can be a slippery slope usually only one or two of these tasks actually gets accomplished, especially if you are having an extraordinary party night.
Your just not ready to stop the party, once you get past the ” I can do anything I feel great! I’m the king of the world shot!” You enter the realm of I don’t care about anything… I could care less state.
Now, if your flying solo or if your co-pilot is just as twisted as you are this is can lead to the fate of your coat/purse/merse etc. to be thrust into the world of the FORGOTTEN and LEFT BEHIND.
Coat check becomes closed for the night and like a mother who forgot to pick up her kid your coat awaits for pick up.
Maybe the next day you’ll be recovering from your headbanger of a night and trying to piece things together. Like how did I end up with her/him? and what did we do? What happened to my shit? Where are my car keys I swear I left them in my coat pocket… Oh wait, where is my coat? Wait for it…
Then… panic, upset, saying the word FUCK multiple times, maybe I need a bloody merry to deal. What ever your solution is Take a deep breathe, possibly throw yourself in the shower.

RETRACERS – You actually remember that you had a coat. This is a good thing! That means you were messed up but did not gulp down that mind eraser or last car bomb. After you have had your mini fit.. you can now call your friends or better yet call the venue during business hours and check.
I always recommend doing this within the first 72 hours. That folks is pretty much a decent window of opportunity for you. Let’s be totally real with this. Venues, Clubs, Bars don’t have to hold onto your belongings at all, but most places are super cool and will hang onto it for a few weeks if your lucky and it goes into Lost/Found. After that your item will magically make it into the hands of a new owner.

NEVERMINDERS – If your all about the disposable clothing these days, The Targets, Old Navy’s, The Ross’, etc. then your coat may have no value at all. Which is the other half of the school of thought. The folks who think… whatever, I can get another one. It gives them an excuse to shop.
Your coat will go through the Lost/Found process, and then will make it’s way to a new owner via donation.


This week in music was pretty interesting. It was music from Brazil some country jambands. Mixing in some local San Francisco bands playing some punk/ ska.

Winter Wonderland Fashion Show

I am happy to announce a WINTER fashion celebration that will be show casing coats and winter clothing make it a point NOT to forget.

This Saturday the 18th ATTACK HEART will be a part of fashion collaboration at WINTER WONDERLAND FASHION SHOW
1525 Webster Street
Oakland, CA


Winter Wonderland Fashion Show

Winter Wonderland Fashion Show


Video Credit : Ahrix – Left Behind



I have been working in coat check since 2006 in a few live music venues. This blog is something I have meaning to do for a long time. Enjoy!

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