It’s the Pomeranian

Now that is a name for a Fur coat don’t you think? As of last night’s coat check which was another sell out that was the best line I had heard. This Pomeranian coat belonged to a happy customer who definitely had a burning man vibe really into the kind of future fashion or something reminiscent of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. But he was werkin’ it and brought it. Upon picking up his coat he also shared a funny story that when he was at the airport he got a comment on his coat and in jest he referred to it as the Pomeranian, to the TSAs, and one of them looked at him and was like ” I have a Pomeranian” ha ha.. so funny.  What a personality.

And last night did seem the night for the Furs to come out. When do the Fur Coat come out? Well last night was the perrrrrfect night to wear a fur coat.. The nights that are cold enough that you have to leave with a med to heavy coat and no rain make it a great night for rockin’ that real or fake coat. I post no judgement in my coat check, you can’t besides I suspect that half of them were of the non real fur anyways. I think checking them in is fun to look at but can be a bit on the heavy side. You always should have a hanger that can hold the weight of the style of fur you are checking. I find it quite helpful to have some of those nice thick wooden hangers, it not only comes in handy cause those are the workhorses of hangers, but it comes across respectful to the customer that your checking their coat with some class.

Do you all own fur coats? When do you where them? Do you tend to check them or wear them all night? What is something as a fur coat owner that you find most people don’t understand?

Music News

And actually last night this particular show that I worked starring a band called BEATS ANTIQUE really brought that DIY artist type, the burner crowd, totally alternative cool, and amazing show filled with beautiful belly dancers and awesome music. I believe they said they have a tour coming out very soon, so if you happen to see it in your paper you can surprise yourself.

Also, I worked the MANOWAR tour that hit my city. Yes, this is the infamous band that does play their tunes that will shake your internal organs. A friend of mine who was at the show used his decibel meter on his phone and clocked the middle of the concert venue at 106dbs.. and just for a visual perspective the bottles on the bar were goin’ for walks. This show was amazing 2 hours of Viking Metal and the show came across like an old story from long ago. The long hair men were chanting wearing their loyalty on their chests’. And the MERCH! lots of great t-shirts the one I totally thought was the best was I like to ROCK, DRINK,and FUCK. It’s is the kind of show where you’d have to get the hammer and the porcelain pig, why because this US tour apparently is the only one. Oh yeah and you will need earplugs or your head will be ringing for a few days after.. so go visit that coat checker and say HI and buy some..

You will be ready to rock in that fur and earplugs.. just like George Zimmerman says..”I guarantee it”

Till next time


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Now folks before you get your PETA panties in a bunch, No Pomeranian were used or harmed in this coat check blog, it was a coat that had patches of fur the color of a Pomeranian not really the dog.


A Picture Moment

I decided to post some photos this week of one of the coat rooms I work in. I love this room because is so old and wonderful and has never been anything else but a coat check. Est. 1909…
Have a great week. I am branching out on this wordpress it’s a bit challenging at times but I have managed to get youtube up.. gearing up for some interviews soon. Stay tuned.


Tangled Mess

Tangled Mess

I normally try to post this weekly blog on Wed/Thurs, but this week has been very hectic. It’s one of those weeks where life takes over and you just can’t get to a computer. Have no fear I do have the blog plus some musical news too.
Well as you all may have heard California has been needing some desperate rain, and this was the week the rain came down. Which means everyone was busting out all their rain gear, sweaters, beanies, gloves etc. it was super busy in coat check.

So the rain in SF, made for a long wet night in my coat check. I was working a musical event of about 550 people or so, and it seemed that most people who came to the event wanted coat check( I don’t blame them a lot of people were soaked). I ended up filling up 3 large racks and all  the space in my coat check was taken and a receptacle for wet umbrellas.
At the end of the night the people that submitted their coats, were eager to get them back. Needless to say that took a moment but I was done issuing them all back within 20-25 mins.
Then upon my last coat check return, I slowly turned and looked at the whole picture of my night. Hangers all disorganized & scattered, coat check tickets ripped that seemed to miss the garbage can. The only way I knew how to remedy this situation was just to dive in and organize this Giant Tangled Mess of hangers.
Hangers? Really? Yes!
Now hangers are no joke especially in the world of coat check, there are all kinds of different hangers plastic, wooden, velvet, metal etc. and at the end of the night like I had last night they were all in a pile. As I dug into the pile, I instantly thought to myself  yes going to make it this week’s blog because you all out there should know what happens at the end of the night.
I was grabbing hangers 2-5 at a time,  untangling the hangers because most of them were intertwined and making sure that they were all facing the same way. This process can be time consuming especially if it is at the end of the night and your just mentally done.  It is important to keep your coat check organized, I totally consider it bad form to walk into a coat check that is not organized. So, I do my part and set it up for the next checker. Remember being prepared is half the battle.

I got to work some really impressive shows this week. So these two bands are my new recommendations: Really strong live performances! You should check them all out.

So bands to check out
St. Lucia




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