Between Coat Checkers

It’s always interesting to meet people, especially if they share a commonality with you like a job. In the past few months I have been running into others
that work in the world of coat check. Other coat checkers out in the vast sea of clubs and parties. And having a conversation with them is always so engaging and such a great pow wow. Conversations of coat check are some of the most entertaining ones you’ll ever hear. There is the collective thought of the whole process, the discussions about the personalities that pop up. The sharing of how I run my coat check….there is the affirmation of Yes! I have experienced that.
This is totally relatable; imagine when you are out, and you happen to find out what someone does for a living and you have the same job. It’s the recognition and you saying hey I do that too where at…? It then is a personal connection and a sense of camaraderie a conversation that quickly evolves from topic to topic.  It’s totally exciting, and just another slice of life moment.

And I am PROUD to announce that I am branching out people! and really excited. In the next few weeks I CHECK MY COAT is going to be audible.
I am proud to announce an audible Interviews. A new component to my blog: CHECK MY COAT
I am going to be interviewing my fellow coat checkers.  Which will be a coat check series of interviews by sought out coat checkers – ( I have been connected with, who have been there working while history was going down)  It will be an adventure and totally entertaining.
And trust me that is just the tip of the ice berg. I got big plans in the up and coming Blogs to come and can’t wait for you to hear them
I would also like to say thanks to all the people who have subscribed to this blog and have told their friends.

Till Next Week,





I have been working in coat check since 2006 in a few live music venues. This blog is something I have meaning to do for a long time. Enjoy!

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