Upside Down/ Inside Out

Upside Down/ Inside Out

I was thinking of what to blog about this week, and as I was working a coat had come to coat check by it’s owner upside down and inside out.
And, right then and there I thought to myself this is was going to be the Upside down/inside out blog.
For whatever reason(s) and there are probably many, people giving up their coats always put their personal instructions when they submit them or questions.
Then there are the ones who just have to get out of their coat who come up to you and have not shed it from their bodies yet.
I find that 2 out of 20 people hand in their coats this way.
It’s the insta strip, the attempt to grab the necessities from the pockets. This is done in such a hurry the the coat check person will get the coat upside down and
definitely inside out. People! I am speaking for myself This is sooooo annoying. My personal philosophy is that if you had me your coat that way then, I’m going to hang it that way. And sometimes I do.
Why is this such an annoyance? Well, the next step in the process is the hanging part. First off, the last thing any coat checker wants to do is turn your coat to the right side it should be hanging. We don’t know you. and don’t want to experience your personal parts of your coat especially when you have just removed it from your person.
Your dealing with a whole lot of factors here: body heat, smell (which is another blog to itself), and let me be super blunt. It just feels GROSS to rearrange and pull out a sleeve especially when the patron doesn’t have the best hygiene and you just know it.
Oh patrons… don’t be fooled we will take your coat and check it for a price.. but you will leave a coat checker with a lasting impression. And whatever that impression is trust me it’s not going to be favorable.
It doesn’t take very long for you to submit your coat the right side up. I imagine at the most 15 seconds. 15 seconds to do something the RIGHT way. I wonder if it takes that long to do anything the right way or at least start the process. People, I implore you take the extra time for yourself. It builds character and will not make your label yourself unnecessarily; you know your the person at the party with the lampshade on their head.
It’s another lesson to the beat of a cool song. Something sassy and constructive.
At the same time I could hear Diana Ross in the background singing her famous hit too.

Music Wise This week was really fun.

Carcass is on tour check it out! They have a new release out 2014 haven’t done one since 1996, so you metal heads GO!

Rockets from The Crypt had a really fun show too rocked peoples face off!

And Crosses actually the band has the symbol for their name, look it up.

Until Next Time,





I have been working in coat check since 2006 in a few live music venues. This blog is something I have meaning to do for a long time. Enjoy!

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