$2 for Peace of Mind

For as long as I have done coat check, it’s not only the coats that get checked in. People will bring other things to the coat check just to be hands free.
Hence, this weeks blog of bags, and boards.
Bags are the #2 mostly checked item. The first question I get from a person who wants to check in a bag is. “Do you take bags/purses?” The answer to that is YES!
If it’s tag able, it’s checkable!  I have seen it all from the mini sized bag to an enormous camper’s backpack., and everything in between.
There are plus points to checking in your bag. First off, the cost is the same of checking coat. This gives the patron a place to put their top layer if it fits in the bag. A lot of people do this, that way you are only paying for signal coat check ticket. ( Remember) to take everything that you will need! This is because if you show up to the window and ask for your bag again because you forgot your lipgloss or credit card, you will have to recheck your item.
Now, I get it your probably not digging the idea of a repull, but there is a method to this madness. When a show is busy and/or sold out, you can only imagine that the coat check will absorb. Out of 600 patrons at a show, out of those 600 I will check between 80-200 coats/bags or more. And when a patron comes, and wants one or a few items from their bag, the coat checker must retrieve the bag and issue back to the customer.
A few factors come into play here:  
#1 By the time you find what you are looking for, the coat checker is already on another claim number to be issued in the proper numerical sequence. It may not be hitting home from the customer’s point of view but, consecutive numerical order is important to the coat checker because everything needs to be in a numerical sequence that is how we find your items.
By doing a repull, the order of how we have coats hung and put away gets altered and this can really effect the big line at the end for pickup. Especially, if there is a large attendance number.
#2 Is there a line behind this customer who just wants lone thing? If there is a line, the coat checker has to keep it moving and cannot wait for you to dig through your purse with 20 people standing behind you. Really~
#3 Lastly, asking for a repull to put more items in your bag because your friend got there late, will be considered an automatic repull. I have run into this on occasion. And it’s usually,  patrons who don’t usually use coat check and don’t know what the rules, or are doing this on purpose, because they are cheap ,and trying to be coy to the coat check signs that post the cost. Note: To the people who do this… As a coat checker I am right in front of you,  and I see what you are doing, you want to avoid paying again. Duh! I wasn’t born yesterday. These special people automatically crown themselves as douches, and trust me it’s a guaranteed repull fee.

Boards.. Skate boards that is.. Short, Long, Retro. It’s a common club policy to be escorted by club security to the coat check because skateboards are not allowed on the floor or in the main areas when a show is happening.
-it’s dark and sometimes you can’t really see the floor
-someone who is drunk may try to ride the skateboard and that is a big accident
-if there is a bar fight, you don’t want a skateboard lying around because it can be used to inflict injury
-if you leave it in the corner unattended someone could steal it, and that would suck

Do yourself the biggest favor just pay the nominal $2 and have peace of mind for the entire night.
Coat checks are different all over and have different rules, just talk to your coat check person upfront and ask about repulls, and what their policy is on repulls. They may be cool enough to do it once for you but don’t assume you can keep showing up multiple times during the night to reapply your lipstick.
And with all these requests, leave tips it shows gratuity and that you actually know your coat check P’s and Q’s.

Until Next Time,



I have been working in coat check since 2006 in a few live music venues. This blog is something I have meaning to do for a long time. Enjoy!

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