Wire Hangers the drama!

The coat check would not be a coat check without the number one tool needed and that is this week’s spotlight the ” Wire Hanger” and the many uses. I have a dark hanger story to share, especially on this Easter Day Blog.
I was thinking of different topics to blog about and I had a childhood memory surface; kinda crazy and haphazard but it got me thinking.
I must have been a preteen in the mid eighties, and my mom had her own chair at a local beauty parlor. The day had been steady with people coming and going, and towards the end of the day about 15 minutes till closing time, this crazy meth head creep walks in and all the ladies in the shop were startled, and thank God that the owners husband was in the back.

Now, that I am an adult.. and hindsight is 20/20; the dude was obviously on drugs.

But, he comes in the shop walking fast and was like..”Do you have a  wire hanger?” I locked my keys in my car? and the shop keeper ended up having a wire hanger visible on a tv, and just gave him another one.  I just remembered that he was given a wire hanger and right in the middle of this small shop he unravelled it so fast and straightened it, it got all the ladies really upset and scared. I was freaked out, and there was this uncomfortable vibe, I got up and  told my mom I was going next door. The shop owners husband came out from the back and was watching the dude but it got all the people in the shop freaked out. It was 3 beauticians, cleaning up shop for the night.
Later on my mom was like it was good you made a move to leave it cut through the weirdness. I told her that I was freaked out and thought something was going to happen. She shared the same thought. I was sure relieved that nothing happened that would have been crazy. ” Hair salon” held up by Meth freak with a wire hanger”
The memory of a wire hanger is this story for me.. followed by the famous line from Mommy Dearest ” No Wire Hangers”

However in thing of the uses a wire hangers has there are many possibilities
giving a whoopin’, using the length to reach something in a tight area, jimmying a car to unlock it, freakin’ people out, creating some type of wire art, I have seen people make wire street art.

I only see wire hangers these days when dry cleaning is involved. I guess there is a place for wire hangers still. Some wire hangers have made it into my coat check, but we really don’t use them. Usually, they are what catering companies use to bring in large table clothes or uniforms that get left behind.
The main reason why I don’t use them is that they buckle under pressure of larger coats.


This week was so kick ass in terms of concerts

Willie Nelson.. new CD out Roll me up and Smoke me when I die

Queens of the Stone Age.. On tour now with new CD

Motorhead.. OMG this show blew my mind! I am still freaking out on the 10 minute drum solo.. Micky D!


Wire hangers.. who knew they were so dramatic!

Until Next time,






I have been working in coat check since 2006 in a few live music venues. This blog is something I have meaning to do for a long time. Enjoy!

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