Summer in the coat check

Hey All,

My once a week blog has an impromtu Gone Fishing moment.. Oh well, it happens. Its summer , and the first few days of it hit me like a brick. I was wanting to play hookie from everything.. ha ha as you can tell.

Summer in the coat check has thus far been super sparse. Even living in a city known for the fog.. it’s been slim checkin’s. I worked a 1200 person show the other night really close to a sell out and out of all those people who came I got about 30 items that were checked in.. and walked away with a whole $2 dollars in tips. So that is what I mean by summer and working in the coat check. Actually, it’s hit or miss it really depends on the show and crowd. I am sure if you have been reading my other posts you know what I am talking about.

Most these days are the giant backpacks people bring to shows. It seems as if people are hauling their belongings everywhere hence making it for a heavy haul to attend a show. The purse, The merse, and The Backpack. They just keep evolving..

So summer shows and festivals you may want to ear mark for

Ginger Baker was just here playing at Yoshi’s in Oakland.. ahhhh next time, he may be making his way to your neck of the woods if so you must check it out.. I saw the documentary and it made me more of a fan!

Super freestyle explosion is this weekend 6/28 in SJ.. .with Lisa LIsa Cult Jam, JJ FAD… ole skool

Die Antwoord – Playing in the Bay In September

Burger Boogaloo Music Fest , SF/OAK – Ronnie Spector is to headline it ( I personally have to see this)

King Diamond will be coming to the Warfield in SF , on Devil’s night.

The Treasure Island Music Festival

Outside Lands is coming up

Of course there are the free Shows in Golden Gate Park during the summer..

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, and Stern Grove Festival

Lots of summer time fun stuff to do.. and this is just in the SF Bay Area…

Don’t forget the July 4th Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest

If you are reading my blog from another city/town.. what is the big Summertime show/festival you go to?


I’ll be back.. next week. Until then LGOYW


Creative Shoving/Double Ups/ And The Before

Creative Shoving/Double Ups/ And The Before.

Creative Shoving/Double Ups/ And The Before

This week’s installment of Check My Coat is going to cover the infamous DOUBLE UP.  Some coat checkers probably have other terms for it, but that is what I call it. What is a double up? Double Ups are from the customer not paying attention to the signage of your coat check. If your coat check is per item then the  PER is not being paid attention too; a lot of customers turn off their thinking caps. This is when patrons double up or add on and assume that they will pay for one item for all the items that they want checked in.
 I think it makes the patron feel like they are getting away with something, the rush of getting one over on someone…somewhere this feeling is similar to a  high; like the extreme cheapskates show.. like where there was a lady who made her family bath in the same bathwater because she wanted to save on her water bill.  Folks who double up… you could definitely be on the road to living a life of unchanged bathwater.. But after reading this you may have a change of thinking.

Let’s elaborate… THE DOUBLE UP
2 friends walk up to a coat check, and one is wearing a thin sweater and the other one has a coat…
They think they will pay for one item by shoving the thin sweater into the coat sleeve, or make the sweater a part of the coat to get away with paying the extra $.
This happens all the time. It’s part of the job. You give a service, and then people try all kinds of different ways to circumvent paying. It happens everywhere in any business..

Then there is the BEFORE..
the 2 friends that walk up to the coat check, obviously who are not ready to submit their items, and they proceed to do all this creative shoving of items right in front of the coat checker with this weird look on their faces like we read the sign but are doing this anyway. This does nothing more than cause the coat checker to have some kind of reaction.. Mine usually is the eye roll… and the the verbal it’s per item.  Sometimes, I have a Jerry Seinfeld moment of where I think of the soup nazi.. You ask questions about the soup.. “No soup for you” that episode is so funny if you haven’t seen it yet you should.  No doubling up…”No coat check for you” and then you hear the laugh the laugh of the count from Seseme Street. HA HA HA…

Let me be clear people.. none of this is good. None of this is acceptable. If I had 4 coat checkers with buzzers like America’s got talent your act would be buzzed off the stage XXXX.
This BEFORE, is common behavior and each coat checker has their acceptable threshold.  
For example, when I collect a coat. and a person has a scarf and it’s of average size, I will hang your scarf. It’s obvious that your the owner of both items. None of this 2 for 1 deal… coat check is not a buy one get one free deal.  

And for my thinkers out there.. I didn’t forget about you. Here is the logical scoop. The reason why double ups/ creative shoving are a deal breaker is that if your homie leaves, and takes their coat not giving you a ticket and you show up without a ticket and say you shoved your whatever in the coat.. guess what your going to have to wait till the end of the night, you got screwed by thinking your idea was going to work. Or, too bad your friend took everything and now you have to walk home with a sweaty shirt and possibly catch a bad cold.. it all goes back to the ticket rule.. each item is accountable by a ticket number. And, that my friends is how coat check works.. Sometimes it takes a fall to learn your place, and sometimes following the rules does make sense.
Here is my advice.. Be Independent, and have your own number that way you come and go as you please. You’ll have a better time at the show/party than stomping,pointing, and yelling in front of strangers after you’ve had a few to throw back at the end of the night. Also, I urge you to talk to someone older than you or more experienced, and ask them about when they were going to clubs and going out what they did.. you’ll be surprised you may learn a thing or two and hear some quality back in the day stories.

Till Next Time,


It’s more of an Oberservation

It’s more of an Oberservation

The Crowd, it’s always the crowd. The crowd that plays together usually dresses, has similar tastes, and has the same (vibe) or acts and reacts to things in a like minded way.

I happened to be working a show that I had never heard of the band, these shows to me provide me with two reactions where have I been that I have never heard of this band, and that I am aging and not as hip to the trip but things happen so fast I always play it by ear. I like those moments when a band I have never heard of blows my mind and shocks me.

But back to this show the Crowd was a post high school to first couple years in college kinda crowd. It’s like all the people you hung out with in high school are now officially 21+ and can drink kinda party/show and you all followed the same high school band. And now that band is part of the greater local scene and playing clubs.  More of an observation after talking to a patron of the show, ( I like to ask questions and some people spill everything); ” man I knew these guys when we were in high school and they are still playing in a band, but I went to the rival high school.” 25 patrons running around the club did go to the same high school and know the band intimately from their high school days and it was like a mini reunion, total fishbowl moment for them, and I just got sucked in.

With apple cider beer in hand the holiday weekend I think it was memorial day weekend; was into full swing since Monday was a holiday it was party time. This show was multi-layered: a reunion, an excuse to party with old friends, new friends, being single and ready to mingle you know the drill. A chance for the awkward high school ugly ducklings to shed their nerdy selves and appear as swans ready to seduce. Where the girl with the secret crush on the lead singer is now able to strut her stuff and make a new first impression without braces. A time to see that guy that was always double fisting drinks in high school parties, still holding strong and still double fisting bottles of beer this time with the added vapor cigarette or hookah.

And an ode to the middle opener band busting out of the crowd that soccer chant  ole, ole, ole.. o – le …o-le.. because somethings in high school never leave. I think this was as close to a high school reunion as I was gonna attend. The energy of the crowd was off the hook they were excited and happy and on the road to drunkerville, and for the time their middle local boys took the stage the crowd took over the venue. It was their time and the rest of us were just there to experience it.

I guess my observations that night were so clear that I could not help notice all the stuff that reminded me of my college party days. Especially, those first two years right out of college, where you still run into folks on a regular basis. It was one of those I been down that road too…moments. Sometimes it’s just a trip to watch people because you get reminded of slice of life moment you had. Obviously, you rocked it way harder because you’re old school.

And this week you get a link.. whoo haa I will  be doing a special update post with more but for now enjoy