Creative Shoving/Double Ups/ And The Before

This week’s installment of Check My Coat is going to cover the infamous DOUBLE UP.  Some coat checkers probably have other terms for it, but that is what I call it. What is a double up? Double Ups are from the customer not paying attention to the signage of your coat check. If your coat check is per item then the  PER is not being paid attention too; a lot of customers turn off their thinking caps. This is when patrons double up or add on and assume that they will pay for one item for all the items that they want checked in.
 I think it makes the patron feel like they are getting away with something, the rush of getting one over on someone…somewhere this feeling is similar to a  high; like the extreme cheapskates show.. like where there was a lady who made her family bath in the same bathwater because she wanted to save on her water bill.  Folks who double up… you could definitely be on the road to living a life of unchanged bathwater.. But after reading this you may have a change of thinking.

Let’s elaborate… THE DOUBLE UP
2 friends walk up to a coat check, and one is wearing a thin sweater and the other one has a coat…
They think they will pay for one item by shoving the thin sweater into the coat sleeve, or make the sweater a part of the coat to get away with paying the extra $.
This happens all the time. It’s part of the job. You give a service, and then people try all kinds of different ways to circumvent paying. It happens everywhere in any business..

Then there is the BEFORE..
the 2 friends that walk up to the coat check, obviously who are not ready to submit their items, and they proceed to do all this creative shoving of items right in front of the coat checker with this weird look on their faces like we read the sign but are doing this anyway. This does nothing more than cause the coat checker to have some kind of reaction.. Mine usually is the eye roll… and the the verbal it’s per item.  Sometimes, I have a Jerry Seinfeld moment of where I think of the soup nazi.. You ask questions about the soup.. “No soup for you” that episode is so funny if you haven’t seen it yet you should.  No doubling up…”No coat check for you” and then you hear the laugh the laugh of the count from Seseme Street. HA HA HA…

Let me be clear people.. none of this is good. None of this is acceptable. If I had 4 coat checkers with buzzers like America’s got talent your act would be buzzed off the stage XXXX.
This BEFORE, is common behavior and each coat checker has their acceptable threshold.  
For example, when I collect a coat. and a person has a scarf and it’s of average size, I will hang your scarf. It’s obvious that your the owner of both items. None of this 2 for 1 deal… coat check is not a buy one get one free deal.  

And for my thinkers out there.. I didn’t forget about you. Here is the logical scoop. The reason why double ups/ creative shoving are a deal breaker is that if your homie leaves, and takes their coat not giving you a ticket and you show up without a ticket and say you shoved your whatever in the coat.. guess what your going to have to wait till the end of the night, you got screwed by thinking your idea was going to work. Or, too bad your friend took everything and now you have to walk home with a sweaty shirt and possibly catch a bad cold.. it all goes back to the ticket rule.. each item is accountable by a ticket number. And, that my friends is how coat check works.. Sometimes it takes a fall to learn your place, and sometimes following the rules does make sense.
Here is my advice.. Be Independent, and have your own number that way you come and go as you please. You’ll have a better time at the show/party than stomping,pointing, and yelling in front of strangers after you’ve had a few to throw back at the end of the night. Also, I urge you to talk to someone older than you or more experienced, and ask them about when they were going to clubs and going out what they did.. you’ll be surprised you may learn a thing or two and hear some quality back in the day stories.

Till Next Time,




I have been working in coat check since 2006 in a few live music venues. This blog is something I have meaning to do for a long time. Enjoy!

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