I’m Checkin’ for Fall..HELLO EVERYONE

Hi Everyone,

To all the 41 people who have seen my coat check blog, or who have stumbled onto it from the internet welcome. I did some revamping and took a summer break, but do not fret. I had to revamp myself and my blog. I have to admit that aiming to do a posting a week, on coat check burnt me out, and I did have to take a break mid summer and now that I am recharged and ready to talk coat check, among other topics. It’s Fall anyways, so there will be much a coat check to talk about.

As a blogger, a beginner blogger at that.. it’s a constant learning/sharing curve. I am proud to say that I have found my blogger voice and it feels great. So with that being said, I am going to start sharing a little more nightlife with you. I do work in a few coat checks, and I also sell merchandise for touring bands. I see between 10-12 bands a week, notable touring acts to the small local acts. My life is one big mash up of social work.. and yes folks when I am not writing about coat check topics, I will be writing about music, musicians, and bands. it’ a boarder, bigger, bolder, blog.  And, trust me..

I will be sharing MY opinions and observations and not holding back. I find that doing  blogs does test your should I ? Shouldn’t I write about it, and then you read it back and then start editing yourself to where your blog ends up; a scaled back grey version of what you expected.

So.. Cheers to Fall! All the Focks! Accessories, Questions, Comments, Compliments, Disses.. It’s on Bitches~


I was at this show.. and got caught people watching this college indy-pop crowd.

High school to post college your all 21 now, able to drink  and still following the same high school band . More of an observation you all went to school at same time, and share a fondness for a particular local band. It’s happened to be a three day weekend. With a apple cider beer in hand the holiday weekend was into full swing since Monday was a holiday for most. It was a show were post high school 21 year olds were reuniting at a local show where the high school band has stayed together and now is new performing at a local venue and its an excuse to party with old friends new ones single mingle you know the drill. You obviously know all the words to the 1st CD, since everyone is doing shots and screaming them to the top of their lungs.
It’s a chance for the awkward high school ugly ducklings, to shed their nerdy selves and appear as swans. Where the girl with the secret crush on the lead singer is now able to strut her stuff and make a new first impression. A time to see that guy that was always double fisting drinks at high school parties, still holding strong and still double fisting bottles of beer, this time it with a vapor pen. It’s the post high school homecoming at a live show only older.

The odd introductions…of the new beau or girlfriend, and the catch up on the rumor mill. Oh… the fishbowl.



I have been working in coat check since 2006 in a few live music venues. This blog is something I have meaning to do for a long time. Enjoy!

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