It’s 420 somewhere in the World.. don’t forget your coat!

It’s 420 somewhere in the world. For those of you wondering where I have been, I have been working like crazy and it’s been a hot second since I posted something. Hopefully, you caught my audio podcast with Megan, I am doing another video podcast show in the next couple of weeks I am really excited about this because it will be video! YAY!

Real Talk

It’s been a bit moody in coat check world, over the past 2 months the weather has changed. And the crowds seem to iffy at the coat check, don’t know if they should or shouldn’t.. people tipping at coat check has been feast or famine it just depends on the show, needless to say I have seen some kickass shows so people get your spring concert lists together bands are on tour going through the Festival Circuit.

Just in this past week I have seen:

Bad Religion




Clean Bandit

and tonight I am going to see Faith No More.. I am really excited to see FNM because I have never seen them live, and last time I saw Mike Patton on stage was 1992 when he was frontin’ Mr. Bungle at the Bill Graham Civic in SF. And I will definitely be partaking in some 420 festivities as this concert because I am going to chill out and finally enjoy a day off.

Or Yeah,

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