Have it your way, NOT!

Coat Check during the summer months does have it’s touch and go days. It’s common for folks to go out to shows with a sweater, and that usually get wrapped around themselves. I also have noticed is that people are always creatively trying to get out of paying $2 for a proper coat check. There has been an uptick of commentary of the price of coat check.  I had a man come and check in his backpack, he asked for the price and was excited about paying $2, he told me other places he had gone to were $5 – $10 for coat check. Talk about double mark-up!

I have also noticed that the most popular item in the past few months has been the messenger bag, people are traveling from home to work and then out on the town and these bags do hold a lot. And how lucky is the group of friend with the friend with a large enough bag to hold all the sweaters of the group. My coat check basic rule on bags and the massive shoving of items is that the bag must close up properly and no tying sweaters or shirts on the straps, if it fits it’s good. 

Shady is as Shady does..

For example, during a busy sold out show, I had a few patrons chat me up, and the social person that I am I engaged a bit. And then right after, not even 5 mins. go by, they come back and BAM! ask me for a all kinds of favors I just can’t provide. ( I am not working in Burger King, so you can’t have it customized.)

Talk about going the length to get something done for free. (there is a time and place for those moments people). It comes with the territory, living in a super high priced city I get why folks are trying to get over on things, “It’s the have it your way” deal.  But when your going out to a place hosting entertainment there are some social set protocols you just have to abide by.  And trust me there will be those times where you might get a break or some VIP treatment but you shouldn’t expect it all the time. If you are having a need for this type of “ I got one over on you, Sucka, moments” then I recommend a trip to your local Costco and you can visit the people passing out samples until you are satisfied. 


I have to say I didn’t expect the Summer of 2015 to be so kickass! There has been lots of shows, and lots of work. 

here are the summer highlights that I have gone to.

It started off with Culture Club

Outside Lands – Saw Sir Elton, Sam Smith, Billy Idol, Cold War Kids, The Black Keys, and some other random bands

Summer Slaughter Tour – Arch Enemy, Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, The Acacia Strain, Cattle Decapitation, Beyond Creation, Mobb



Faith No More

The Notorious Wilco Brothers

Rita Ora


Coming up


Erykah Badu

Treasure Island Music Festival

I grew up in the 80’s and some of the biggest acts are getting back on the road and touring. It’s amazing, exciting, right on point. So, if you have not gone to a show yet, the summer shows are waiting for you. Start off by checking out the local listings for shows for various venue calendars, and have a moment by yourself or with friends. 

Liner Notes from the coat check

“Take a picture, it lasts longer.” – idiot proof yourself and take a photo of your claim check ticket