New Year ! New Energy, back to the Blog!

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It’s not todays news but a pretty first memorable moment bringing in the new year! I have to endulge in my celebrity sweet tooth especially when it’s a crash and burn.

TAH DAH ….. IT’S MARIAH! Working in this type of environment here is my 2 cents check out the video.

So I came home to this news all over the internet. It was a slow moving trainwreck from the get go. Seems like the production behind the performance had some unavoidable holes that could not be patched up.There are all kinds of blame being issued from both sides.

Kudos Mariah  She wore a coat!  She did a burlesque type of entrance with the feathers and the feather coat – here is the beginning of the mishap

Mariah probably did have a dress rehersal with this group of dancers at somepoint. My question is: Mariah did you practice with that exact coat? The reason why I bring this up is that by practicing with the garment and being familiar with how it handles. This would certainly played into the ease of the costume change. This is where the production people can see if this shit is going to work EDIT EDIT EDIT.

Notice the feather fans close, and then they open and BAM no coat. What you do notice is the dancer struggling with the removal, trying to quickly replace something. My spidey sense tells me that during the removal somthing disconnected or some thing was triggered that messed up the in ear monitor . She also comes across agigtated when being escourted down the stairs and mumbles something to her dancer on the right.

       For those who have never handled an in-ear monitor. THEY ARE FUSSY! Expect error at anytime. Pros  pay the big bucks for this shit to work right. No one working such a large gig,  wants to be on the audio crew that did Mariah’s sound that night. How embrassing. Who knows who put it on…it could have been one of her staff, or the staff of Dick Clark Productions! These are the questions we need answers too.

And by the looks of the video bring on the rest of the trainwreck.

Performing artists should always try and surround themselves with pro’s and if you are working with crews you don’t know replay back soundcheck and see where the flaws are. Big shows like these need YOU the  artist to do whatever it takes. Channel your inner James Brown, Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa, even Cyndi Lauper she will cut you if she doesn’t have her soundcheck down ( I have seen it happen). These artists were in total control of every aspect of the show; James Brown was such a perfectionist that every mistake made the musician got fined for the mistake. Mariah- Girl you got too many YES people.  


The New Year is here, and yes I was coat checking on N.Y.E.

The weather that night was mild rain.

This year I found the crowd attending were not bogged down by the extremely heavy bulky wool coats. (which was a nice surprise) People came out with the small puffys, windbreakers, fashion furs, a few light coats. A coat checker is subject to the crowd’s fashion sense. So what does a coat checker / checkers go through on NYE. Well first off, it is one of the most important holidays of the year for a coat checker. It’s definitely going to be a night where you will checking them in and as fast as they came in, then you have the pickup so there will be straight non-stop coat checking action. Prices for coat check may fluctuate that night because of special event pricing, very comparable to world of Valet parking. And any seasoned coat checker knows that this is an “amateur” crowd. This is when the masses come out that normally don’t get out.  Multiple levels of partying experience all under one roof waiting for the balloons to drop, all being woo woo’d by the open bar. Yes, people do not mess around on this holiday they have invested a couple hundred dollars for the ticket to enter and to drink . They arrive early to take advantage of the spirits, and to get pumped! It is a night  for singles, daters, the married, the divorced, the cheaters, all walks of life partying under one roof. Everyone getting lit within a 3-4 hour span. And us coat checkers are witnessing our own version of slo motion party cam, as people get loose, and down right sloppy. All par for the course. We are the beacons of light in the sea of faded partygoers. A light to find your wallet, your party favors, your lipstick, your cigarettes, and your people, and strangers that happen to be there when you are lit and divulging your “truth= gossip”.

GIVEN: There is always one guarantee of some type of argument, and someone who ends up in tears.

Stats: 1 set of tears reported

I ended up packing up around last call and all my hard work paid off. People were very cool and tipped which made my night. Tips are not mandatory but if you really did get someone who is super cool and awesome and got you what you needed droppin’ a little something in the tip jar is always a nice gesture. Cheers to my fellow COAT CHECKERS, may your TIP buckets run a plenty in 2017!



It’s been cold, I hope everyone out there knows how to get a coat in your neck of the woods. For those people out there who have bought new duds.. Awesome! Be mindful and if you keeping or discarding your coats do the right thing and donate to your gently used coats to a worthy organization in your local community.


All I got is a Twomp


All I have is a a twomp/ a $20… 

All I have is a $20, This has been the phrase I have been hearing all week in the coat check. 

And it’s always delivered in the same tone followed by some huge inferred thought.. of possibly a free coat check. And then here is my response popping that thought bubble… I am totally okay with $20s, and I am okay with coins, I will take any United States currency that is legitimate and in circulation. Money is money, even when you scrape the bottom of your purse and wallet for those titbits of coin.

It leads me to think that the patron has been reprimanded in some way for paying with a $20, and by uttering this monotone statement is waiting for some sassy coat check comment. By stating the obvious..$20  they might get some type of hook up, and kudos if you do get hooked up, also a nice gesture of gratitude i.e. tips are always in fashion. 

Oh, nightlife people.. how the four letter words free/comp/list/vips do a number on your brain and start firing off all kinds of excitement. Here is the reality, if you go out to the same spots enough you most likely will get to know folks that are working, and maybe you’ll get the hookup. But the big advice here is don’t get used to it like it’s going to happen every single time you decide to go out. If you do get the hook up, do the return favor and tip graciously. Always be prepared to pay for the service, that way you hold on to your street cred. 

And for the coat checkers that read people the rights having to break a $20, get off your ass and get your manager to get you more change. GEEZ, it is really that simple. The people coming up to the coat check have all kinds of things going on, but paying with a $20 bill shouldn’t make you want to throw yourself off of a cliff because you had to give away your change pile. Think back.. way back to your Brownie and Girl Scout Days

” Always be Prepared.”

On that note, the holidays are here and shows are coming to your town here are some suggestions in no particular order

  • Billy Gibbons touring with new material he is just a classic
  • Zappa plays Zappa
  • Brian Setzer Orchestra 
  • X
  • Erykah Badu
  • Metallica (AT&T) Park
  • Cage The Elephant
  • El Mariachi Bronx – The White Lines Tour
  • Rancid/ English Beat
  • Morrissey
  • The Cure
  • The Nutcracker Ballet
  • Shin Yun Chinese Ensemble
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Local Holiday plays
  • NYE outdoor firework

Also, check out your local listings for concerts coming to town. 

“Tips are always in fashion”


Gung Hey Fat Choy!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015! Gung Hay Fat Choy!

I am proud to say that Check My Coat, made it to 2015. I started this blog for a couple of personal reasons, and it was something that I wanted to be a collective shared experience. I am one of those people that prizes creativity and utility so there you got some great info. on how to check your coat. (I hope..) and got to read some of my grumblings.. ha ha. But in the midst of those things I ran into my blogger voice on here, and that in itself was a learning experience and in 2015, I will be adding other topics to Check My Coat, but the coat topics will still take prioritee( say it like Cartmann from South Park.)

So if you have been reading the coat check blog since the beginning thank you! Hope you all learned something. The world of working at night, in a night club, and doing the coat checking is never the same show/experience twice. It’s nightlife! Night Life and interacting with folks who are out going to shows, working shows, producing  shows, it’s my work world, and it’s pretty cool.
I definitely plan to be expanding the coat check blog to include, interviews from the coat check, show reviews, bands to look out for.
My Check my Coat 2015 aspirations
To get some international followers…especially people from Cold Weather Places.. Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Japan…to add some global perspective to the mix. And places in the US!
And I would like to get this blog out so help me spread the word; if you have friends that read blogs have them visit and like my blog; a quick read on the pot, or in an airport how can you not! I am also interested in clothing company’s and designers that put out coats! Get a review of your coat and see if it’s coat check ready! get a hold Check My Coat.

I am ending this year’s Check My Coat with some lists of TOPS! Enjoy happy new year and no tears! (for all you coat checkers out there you know what I am talking about)

Check My Coat California Bands To Check Out
The Whoosie What’s IT’s
The WasteDeads
Bad Cop/ Bad Cop
Lost Puppy
Party Force
La Plebe

Check My Coat Live Shows to Check out when they go on tour
ALICE COOPER – suggested get the VIP package you’ll definitely want to shake this man’s hand

GWAR – The show is amazing; bring $ for merchandise

MOTORHEAD – Lemmy is still kicking’ ass and takin’ names

L7 – These girls are getting back together look out for this hot ticket

FAITH NO MORE – Look out for this Tour it’s a new album; go on there FB and like them for future info; they haven’t toured in a long time so you know I am going

WILLIE NELSON– This guy live is so talented and he is hella funny

SLAYER– The stage show on this tour made my jaw drop, the lighting and sound guys deserve more $$$!

CULTURE CLUB– They had to cancel their 2014 appearances in the US; but have dates rescheduled in 2015

DIE ANTWOORD– Just because I love these guys; the live show is awesome!

GINGER BAKER and HIS JAZZ TRIO – YES! I saw the Documentary on him and I am a total fan he has a jazz trio.. if your lucky he may just have another go on a jazz set in your area. You get what you get short and sweet set
FISH BONE – These guys are still throwin’ down…you will be amazed

CRAIG FERGUESON– Comedy Tour his show is off the air, but he’s gonna be walking the earth

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – Really awesome show! Great night to get out party and see some songs you know and songs you don’t know

WANDA JACKSON– Miss thang… she is a spit fire and is classy and sassy and you just got to get your rockabilly in there. What a show!

ROUGH FRANCIS – Okay, I had an ironic moment this year.. I saw the documentary “a band called death” , the off shoot of this movie produced Rough Francis, which I got to see at the legendary Hotel Utah…which I had never been too thanks to my husband Boom who was doing their sound that night. It was a first night for them playing in SF! A First night for people stage diving especially at the small stage at Hotel Utah, and meeting the band they were fucking awesome! ask Jello Biafra.. he was there too. The band told me they tour a couple times a year get on their FB page.

LADY GAGA – I got to see a Lady GAGA tour a few years ago and miss thang does go all out. Multiple set changes, costume changes, and what a performer. And I got to actually meet her! she is awesome the real deal. Great show especially if you have to hang out with teens. Dress up for MOTHA’ MONSTER!

Popular Coats Worn in 2014
Marmot – puffy jackets

North Face/ Any Mountain Windbreakers

Old Navy Peacoat’s

Levi’s Denim Jackets

Anthropologie Women’s Coats

Coat Check Basic Rules
Tip on a good job; don’t be cheap

If you don’t have a claim number or a copy then you are fucked, and have to wait until the end of the line; if you do get the hook up from a coat checker then tip

Don’t steal from the tip jar

Never stick your hand in the tip jar always let your coat checker give you change

It’s about 3:30PM, in CA. We are headed into the new year.. be smart about how you party, and make sure you hide a secret $20 bill somewhere just incase you need to catch a ride home.  HAPPY NEW YEAR! Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Wire Hangers the drama!

The coat check would not be a coat check without the number one tool needed and that is this week’s spotlight the ” Wire Hanger” and the many uses. I have a dark hanger story to share, especially on this Easter Day Blog.
I was thinking of different topics to blog about and I had a childhood memory surface; kinda crazy and haphazard but it got me thinking.
I must have been a preteen in the mid eighties, and my mom had her own chair at a local beauty parlor. The day had been steady with people coming and going, and towards the end of the day about 15 minutes till closing time, this crazy meth head creep walks in and all the ladies in the shop were startled, and thank God that the owners husband was in the back.

Now, that I am an adult.. and hindsight is 20/20; the dude was obviously on drugs.

But, he comes in the shop walking fast and was like..”Do you have a  wire hanger?” I locked my keys in my car? and the shop keeper ended up having a wire hanger visible on a tv, and just gave him another one.  I just remembered that he was given a wire hanger and right in the middle of this small shop he unravelled it so fast and straightened it, it got all the ladies really upset and scared. I was freaked out, and there was this uncomfortable vibe, I got up and  told my mom I was going next door. The shop owners husband came out from the back and was watching the dude but it got all the people in the shop freaked out. It was 3 beauticians, cleaning up shop for the night.
Later on my mom was like it was good you made a move to leave it cut through the weirdness. I told her that I was freaked out and thought something was going to happen. She shared the same thought. I was sure relieved that nothing happened that would have been crazy. ” Hair salon” held up by Meth freak with a wire hanger”
The memory of a wire hanger is this story for me.. followed by the famous line from Mommy Dearest ” No Wire Hangers”

However in thing of the uses a wire hangers has there are many possibilities
giving a whoopin’, using the length to reach something in a tight area, jimmying a car to unlock it, freakin’ people out, creating some type of wire art, I have seen people make wire street art.

I only see wire hangers these days when dry cleaning is involved. I guess there is a place for wire hangers still. Some wire hangers have made it into my coat check, but we really don’t use them. Usually, they are what catering companies use to bring in large table clothes or uniforms that get left behind.
The main reason why I don’t use them is that they buckle under pressure of larger coats.


This week was so kick ass in terms of concerts

Willie Nelson.. new CD out Roll me up and Smoke me when I die

Queens of the Stone Age.. On tour now with new CD

Motorhead.. OMG this show blew my mind! I am still freaking out on the 10 minute drum solo.. Micky D!


Wire hangers.. who knew they were so dramatic!

Until Next time,




Late Night Lines

Late Night Lines? What kind of lines… I can just imagine it now the concept running through your neurotic minds. Let’s scale this all back and go simple.
Or … if your reading my blog then of course I am referring to the COAT CHECK LINE.
Yes, another line you can add to the lines that you will wait in your life time.

How long does the average American spend in their lifetime waiting in lines?
The average person spends approximately an hour a day waiting in line, which totals to about 2 to 3 years in a lifetime.
Yes I did throw that internet crazy statistic at you all.

So there are a few factors to you being in a long line at the end of the night.

Blame the band or show… yes the popularity of the band/ show that night is so bomb that everyone and their mama showed up with a coat. That is a good thing you can then throw out other connecting lines to the people in front or in back of you. And make some friends get some numbers… don’t be shy.
You decided to do the whole show with the encore..  for those who stay and stand in line with a great attitude I salute you. You SHOULD enjoy the whole show, after all you paid for it. And if its a band or something that you have wanted to see for a long time then screw your companion or friends they want to leave early.. Let them stand in line alone and get their shit. It’s funny to me that the individuals who require a companion or need groupage.. (a new word) can’t do anything alone. “What will happen to me if I wait in the coat check line by myself?”  My advice is just don’t take a drink from a stranger that looks douchy. This year I am telling people to DO YOU!  Enjoy yourself because you work hard and you gotta play hard.
You are in Line because you are not a line cutter 
You got caught trying to go right to the front and the coat checker told you that there is a line and you have to get into it before they get you your coat. The checker or security guard is just regulating and being fair. FAIR..? Yes, FAIR. Is there such a thing to the line cutters of America?, ( No ) but to the rest of us people we have to acknowledge and be grateful that the coat checker/ security has our back. It’s really messed up to see a person just cut or expect to cut when you have been putting your time in. I am a Portlandia Fan and there is a funny episode that totally goes there and here is the link .. it’s Season 2 Ep. 10 you have to watch the whole thing. I tried to find the clip to show you all but no dice so DIY it. It’s so worth it.
You are the friend who see’s your friend inline and does the line cutter roll- up. This is no better. These types of people both suck. Here is my advice… ASK! ask the people behind you if you can cut. Plead your line cutter case.. if it’s an honest one then people will usually be okay with it. Like, my friend is hella drunk and just puked.. do you all mind if I can go ahead of you? Conversation heals the nation.. WERD!
You are in line and at the very end because YOU LOST YOUR ticket. And yes, you are the special person that must wait to the very end or when there is no one in line to retrieve your item. Don’t expect the coat check person to go through every coat to find yours. When there are about 100 people behind you. You know you should have been a lot more clever and more attentive to where your ticket has been. Chalk this line up to a LIFE LESSON. Or heads up I’m not all there when I party so I’ll be smart and take a picture of it on my phone.  And, if you are told to get into the back of the line, don’t bitch. Yes, you maybe upset but take that verbal spew cuss words and use them on yourself. Nothing like the drunk/semi drunk/ entitled spiel: it’s the black one, the one that has the rip in the pocket, do you know who I am, don’t you remember me, I tipped already.. blah, blah, blah. People: that does nothing except make you look like an ASSHOLE. Take it down a 1000 and just be chill.
Magic of the line
And let’s end on a positive line experience, you never know who will cross your path. It could be someone from the band since you had to pick up your coat last. You may have that fate encounter with that special person. The universe puts you in the situations that you are supposed to be in, so use the force. Good things come to those who wait.
Until next time..


Your Coat What Color

Well no matter where you are in the United States or even abroad, your probably wearing some type of jacket or coat. The weather has been really crazy lots of snow out East and in the Midwest, to the West Coast finally getting some sprinkles of rain which we so terribly need. So I know everyone has busted out the winter wear. And this week’s blog is going to be on coat color. I happened to catch one of those daytime talk shows as I was flipping through the channels I believe it was Dr. Oz, and the topic of color came up and how it affects our emotions.
After doing a few shifts in the coat check this week I noticed that there are a few signature colors that have been coming into the coat check. So I have dedicated this blog to your coat and it’s color.  How fun! And I am making this an interactive blog this week, If your reading this put your coat on and snap a picture of yourself and post it, show off your coat this season, and let Check My Coat know why you chose that color.

I listed the colors in the order of popularity in my coat check, and they can totally be a different order where your live but this is the usual order.

The  Black Coats
Black is a mysterious color associated with fear and the unknown (black holes). It usually has a negative connotation (blacklist, black humor, ‘black death’). Black denotes strength and authority; it is considered to be a very formal, elegant, and prestigious color (black tie, black Mercedes). In heraldry, black is the symbol of grief.

The Navy/Blue Coats
Light blue is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness.
Dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness.
The Brown Coats
Brown suggests stability and denotes masculine qualities.
Reddish-brown is associated with harvest and fall.

The Red Coats
Light red represents joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity, and love.
Pink signifies romance, love, and friendship. It denotes feminine qualities and passiveness.
Dark red is associated with vigor, willpower, rage, anger, leadership, courage, longing, malice, and wrath.

The Teal/Green Coats
Dark green is associated with ambition, greed, and jealousy.
Yellow-green can indicate sickness, cowardice, discord, and jealousy.
Aqua is associated with emotional healing and protection.
Olive green is the traditional color of peace.

The White/ Cream Colored Coats
White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection.

Also, I couldn’t resist not watching the Grammy’s and checking out the different coats that were featured.  One thing that I did personally notice is that a lot of the celebrity men were wearing different colors of the crushed velvet sport coat. LL Cool J wore a purple one, and Macklemore wore a green/teal version, and some of the winners and presenters of course went with the basic black. I wonder why crushed velvet? it did translate well on TV because the color did pop. But it sure must have been warm to wear.  I know that anyone who was on TV was paying their dues and dealing with it because they were at The Grammy’s.
So Men this season it’s okay to wear that crushed velvet dinner/smoking jacket, wear it with pride especially if it is colorful.

So no matter what color your outer shell is this season. Rock it! Be functional and fashionable at the same time. And remember when you are checking in your coat, you’ll know which one is yours it’s that Aqua puffy jacket among the sea of black coats.
Remember your ticket and remember to tip it’s good for the soul.

Till next week,

* I would like to give credit to, and

Team Triple Check

Team Triple Check / The Keepers of the Warmth

It never ceases to amaze me that we the coat checkers are always creatively thinking when it comes to managing a grouping of coats.
I recently worked a coat check with 2 other coat checkers. It was my first triple coat check( I have to admit that discount double check ad pops into my head) . I have to share that the triple coat checker gig was a really cool experience. The event was so big that there was definitely lots of work for all of us. We ran this coat check pretty slick thanks to our creative thinking and years’ of experience.
I always scope out any event by the number of attendees, take into an account of what kind of weather is local. Do some logical thinking and then make an estimation. It kind of gives you a guide to how to fit your coat check.
Fitting is outfitting your coat check properly making sure your hangers, racks, tickets, and any other supplies are at hand and that you know where things are at and it doesn’t look disorganized. You always want to be presentable even if you know that deep down inside it’s crazy.
When your working with other checkers communication is key. And it’s always so nice when everyone knows what everyone else is up too.  It also helps if they are stellar co-workers, which I totally lucked out on.
Instead of us individually checking in coats and doing the transaction, we streamlined that big event with three different reference points the patron had to walk through.

Checker #1 – Took the item and assigning as return ticket
Checker #2 – Was the money and ticker issuer
Checker #3 – Was the hanger/stocking person/ organizer

This flow was the most ideal for this event. People were in and out in no time. It was totally an assembly line styled evening in coat check, but really one of the most thought out workflows.
And with the front end all on the set up, it made the return for pick up smooth.

Another cool part of this event was that it was full of interesting characters people who really celebrated the Edwardian time period.
It was visual, it was knowledgeable, and people were really taking it there and talking like they were from that time period.
A man who had come into our coat check dressed up like he was on a royal safari sent out by a royal expedition…came because he wanted to submit something into lost and found. And after hearing him talk for a few minutes he summed it up best.

“You are the keepers of the warmth! You send everyone home warm with their jackets.” I thought how spot on, I never really thought of if it in that manner, but yes that is what we do.
Sometimes it takes a total stranger to make you realize what you actually are doing has bigger outcomes than just what you see off the top it’s felt all the way home.

Until next time,

Forgotten and Left Behind

The show is over and the crowd is leaving the venue, the last of the drinks are finished; the gathering of the friends commences to find the after party; So does the gathering of the belongings.
The gathering of the belongings can be a slippery slope usually only one or two of these tasks actually gets accomplished, especially if you are having an extraordinary party night.
Your just not ready to stop the party, once you get past the ” I can do anything I feel great! I’m the king of the world shot!” You enter the realm of I don’t care about anything… I could care less state.
Now, if your flying solo or if your co-pilot is just as twisted as you are this is can lead to the fate of your coat/purse/merse etc. to be thrust into the world of the FORGOTTEN and LEFT BEHIND.
Coat check becomes closed for the night and like a mother who forgot to pick up her kid your coat awaits for pick up.
Maybe the next day you’ll be recovering from your headbanger of a night and trying to piece things together. Like how did I end up with her/him? and what did we do? What happened to my shit? Where are my car keys I swear I left them in my coat pocket… Oh wait, where is my coat? Wait for it…
Then… panic, upset, saying the word FUCK multiple times, maybe I need a bloody merry to deal. What ever your solution is Take a deep breathe, possibly throw yourself in the shower.

RETRACERS – You actually remember that you had a coat. This is a good thing! That means you were messed up but did not gulp down that mind eraser or last car bomb. After you have had your mini fit.. you can now call your friends or better yet call the venue during business hours and check.
I always recommend doing this within the first 72 hours. That folks is pretty much a decent window of opportunity for you. Let’s be totally real with this. Venues, Clubs, Bars don’t have to hold onto your belongings at all, but most places are super cool and will hang onto it for a few weeks if your lucky and it goes into Lost/Found. After that your item will magically make it into the hands of a new owner.

NEVERMINDERS – If your all about the disposable clothing these days, The Targets, Old Navy’s, The Ross’, etc. then your coat may have no value at all. Which is the other half of the school of thought. The folks who think… whatever, I can get another one. It gives them an excuse to shop.
Your coat will go through the Lost/Found process, and then will make it’s way to a new owner via donation.


This week in music was pretty interesting. It was music from Brazil some country jambands. Mixing in some local San Francisco bands playing some punk/ ska.

Winter Wonderland Fashion Show

I am happy to announce a WINTER fashion celebration that will be show casing coats and winter clothing make it a point NOT to forget.

This Saturday the 18th ATTACK HEART will be a part of fashion collaboration at WINTER WONDERLAND FASHION SHOW
1525 Webster Street
Oakland, CA


Winter Wonderland Fashion Show

Winter Wonderland Fashion Show


Video Credit : Ahrix – Left Behind

That Secret Special Place

There is a secret special place you and only you could know.
That secret special place that holds your important things you hold.
A secret special place that you go to time and time again
That secret special place you only share with a close friend.

Like my poem.. ? It’s the intro to this week’s coat check blog.. that secret special place. Everyone has one, sometimes it’s so secret you can’t even remember it especially when you have had a round or three.  But this week I am highlighting the special places we all use.
There are many a check where once the person gets the coat check stub the next move is on the patron to store it.  And storage on a night where you wanna be wild and cra- zay .. is a prime.

Men – Men’s storage is kinda on the predictable side, of course I don’t discount anything they can get pretty creative when needed to but here are the go to spots..
THE WALLET .. those infamous black/brown leather wallets with the compartmentalized sections.. the bills and money section, then the six or eight slits for those credit cards, and the clear face for the ID’s. Guys who usually bust out the wallet shove their coat check ticket into two areas in the clear face right where their ID is at so they can see it, the other spot is into one of those misc. slits. Shoved deeply they can’t see it. (It’s always this action that causes the self induced anxiety, and then when found, the deepest sigh of relief.)
Above the denim pocket there lies an even smaller space.. Both men’s and women’s denim have this compartment.. I don’t know if this was created as a utility move or just a straight up fashion move.. but what ever it is called it is used and works most of the time.
The regular pockets either in the front or back pockets. Not the most secure spot. Why? because as the night progresses those become the reserves for your cash that you are using that night, flyers, phone numbers, your cellphone. And the more that you use that pocket the more the likelihood that you are going to have something fall out of it and poof! there goes that twenty dollar bill that you crumpled up.
Your a pocket kind of guy. front shirt pocket! That is near and dear to your heart. This is what I call the fifty-fifty spot.. coming to claim your coat at the end of the night is like spinning the roulette wheel… front of the line? end of the line? tears? As Robert Smith from The Cure sings “Boys don’t Cry”

Women – The Ladies have a few more options to go on as those mentioned above.  Depending on your fashion choice for the evening you can get pretty crafty.
Behold the power of the bra.. Never underestimate the utility of the bra. It can hold many different things. I’ve seen sizable things to the most smallest things. Cellphones, cigarette packs, mini liquor bottles, YOUR COAT CHECK claim number… The bummer side of this at the end of the night, is that you are whipping’ out a sweaty ass ticket, and so happy that your ta-tas have held it together don’t expect any coat check person to take it from you.  My piece of advice is put it on the counter.
The Boot… As in your shoe, not for the wheel of your car. Boots are in fashion. You can go to any shoe website and it’s BOOTS, BOOTS, BOOTS.. they are all the rage this season. So how does this work.. well most boot wearers must wear long socks at least a knee high number, you can always stick that ticket in that sock and zip that puppy up and poof your on your way to the dance floor. Now if you have not done your laundry and wearing short socks that may get tricky but I am sure where there is a will there is a way.

So you off you go my coat check patrons.. off with your coat,  off with your hats, off with your bags, and shoes and whatever else you decide to shed for the night. Celebrate your secret spots, and don’t forget to tell a friend because two heads are better than one.

Until next time

CHECK MY COAT is available for distribution. Email CMC for more info.