All I got is a Twomp


All I have is a a twomp/ a $20… 

All I have is a $20, This has been the phrase I have been hearing all week in the coat check. 

And it’s always delivered in the same tone followed by some huge inferred thought.. of possibly a free coat check. And then here is my response popping that thought bubble… I am totally okay with $20s, and I am okay with coins, I will take any United States currency that is legitimate and in circulation. Money is money, even when you scrape the bottom of your purse and wallet for those titbits of coin.

It leads me to think that the patron has been reprimanded in some way for paying with a $20, and by uttering this monotone statement is waiting for some sassy coat check comment. By stating the obvious..$20  they might get some type of hook up, and kudos if you do get hooked up, also a nice gesture of gratitude i.e. tips are always in fashion. 

Oh, nightlife people.. how the four letter words free/comp/list/vips do a number on your brain and start firing off all kinds of excitement. Here is the reality, if you go out to the same spots enough you most likely will get to know folks that are working, and maybe you’ll get the hookup. But the big advice here is don’t get used to it like it’s going to happen every single time you decide to go out. If you do get the hook up, do the return favor and tip graciously. Always be prepared to pay for the service, that way you hold on to your street cred. 

And for the coat checkers that read people the rights having to break a $20, get off your ass and get your manager to get you more change. GEEZ, it is really that simple. The people coming up to the coat check have all kinds of things going on, but paying with a $20 bill shouldn’t make you want to throw yourself off of a cliff because you had to give away your change pile. Think back.. way back to your Brownie and Girl Scout Days

” Always be Prepared.”

On that note, the holidays are here and shows are coming to your town here are some suggestions in no particular order

  • Billy Gibbons touring with new material he is just a classic
  • Zappa plays Zappa
  • Brian Setzer Orchestra 
  • X
  • Erykah Badu
  • Metallica (AT&T) Park
  • Cage The Elephant
  • El Mariachi Bronx – The White Lines Tour
  • Rancid/ English Beat
  • Morrissey
  • The Cure
  • The Nutcracker Ballet
  • Shin Yun Chinese Ensemble
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Local Holiday plays
  • NYE outdoor firework

Also, check out your local listings for concerts coming to town. 

“Tips are always in fashion”



Winter Wear and Shows



I am back and it feels right.. because it’s the weather has changed and so another seasonal blog about The Coat Check. I have been busy working at shows, going back East, going to sporting events. And I am ready to entertain you with stories from the coat check.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all the other colors matched with days upon us. The retail industry have their starter guns in the air and are doing the ready, set go! The soft starts are already happening…and trust me things out in retail land are pretty enticing already.

So what are you going to buy? In person or online.. what is on your target list. 

Well now would be the best time to get that warm winter coat or sub layer going on. Living in N. California thank God for El Nino… we are getting some rain and snow, and the ski places that have suffered for a bit are finally open for the season. 

So let me tell you what has been coming into the coat check… Styles of coats.

Leather Jackets 

Classic fitted leather Jackets for men and women, mostly black with the occasional colored leather. The Brand that is hot to trot and is really stylish right now is the OBEY PROPAGANDA brand. If your stylish, young, urban, and about quality, dropping some coin on this brand is gonna make you feel like a rockstar. The brand has Men’s and Women’s stuff but no plus size stuff so boo hoo on that. Come On Shepard hook us up.!

Levis Trucker Jackets

Classic Denim; Classic Cut comes in various shades. I prefer the black and dark indigo. Also, buy this jacket off the internet and Ebate that shit! it’s worth it. (you gotta work it)  What I love about this jacket is the customization you can do anything to this jacket and you will look cool. You can put patches on it, cut the sleeves off, dye it. Go Levis! I am pleased to say that they have a plus size presence online. I was impressed by this since before there was not going past a size 14. Now there is a section. It’s not a big section but it’s there, I have seen it only for women, have to check if they have Plus size men. 

The Puffy Jacket

Just roll it up and shove it in your backpack to avoid paying double at coat check. For this puffer/insulator jacket I give it a 10 for for warmth and utility and how light weight this is. Made popular by Patagonia, Any Mountain, North Face and now it seems like there are more companies with their own versions. And colors wise it’s pretty diverse. And if you are on the hunt for one in a bigger size they are out there. 

The Peacoat 

Oh the Peacoat, you are a good wool staple friend. It seems like everyone has you as a staple in the store if they sell jackets. Lots of colors and lots of cuts. Many sizes. 

The Oversized Sweater 

It’s like an oversized long sweater, or a poncho thang, with some type of Santa fe /Triangle/ hipster pattern. You can find these anywhere Forever 21, H& M type of stores. I don’t know about the heat quality but for going out on a fall day and looking cool you will be set. Oh don’t forget that oversized hat and sunglasses to complete the look. Also, since I did mention the f21 & HM they may have plus size. Also, check out Torrid, Lane Bryant, Sears, JCPennys for more size options. 

The Military Jacket 

Ahhh this classic jacket style does not go out of style either. You can get the real thing at your local army surplus store. Customizable just like the Levi’s trucker jacket, and durable. It’s up to your style but most of the time you may have to wear a sweater or thermal underneath. It’s class and you look cool. 

Lastly, I would like to recognize the fashion world for recognizing the Plus Sized fashion community. The fashion world is moving into real sized fashion and everybody wins.

That is my coat report….

Now let’s talk about music….

I have worked a lot of shows as of late some good, some not so good. 

Who to look out for highly recommended holiday concert action (in no particular order)

Leon Bridges 

Andra Day


Erykah Badu

Missy Elliot

Elle King


Faith No More


Bad Cop/ Bad Cop

Mad Mamma and The Bona fide Few

I have also worked the EDM shows for the most part they are very visual the music is pumping and so are all the party favors. Expect to see lot of bad lingerie, and young adults who look like teenagers, and then the solo creepy older guy with a camera. The ticket price is gonna set you back between $35-$100 bux. This crowd will arrive in an Uber or Lyft and be really messed up. Plus points: the major commercial parties don’t go all night. Whew! And note: I used to go to Raves back in the day so don’t get huffy. Karma is funny now I work them.

Don’t forget to be communicative with each other and your coat checker, and if they did a good job do tip, especially if the coat checker charges your phone. Also, if you know you are partying take a photo of your ticket to avoid being upset at the end when you have lost all your stuff.

Have it your way, NOT!

Coat Check during the summer months does have it’s touch and go days. It’s common for folks to go out to shows with a sweater, and that usually get wrapped around themselves. I also have noticed is that people are always creatively trying to get out of paying $2 for a proper coat check. There has been an uptick of commentary of the price of coat check.  I had a man come and check in his backpack, he asked for the price and was excited about paying $2, he told me other places he had gone to were $5 – $10 for coat check. Talk about double mark-up!

I have also noticed that the most popular item in the past few months has been the messenger bag, people are traveling from home to work and then out on the town and these bags do hold a lot. And how lucky is the group of friend with the friend with a large enough bag to hold all the sweaters of the group. My coat check basic rule on bags and the massive shoving of items is that the bag must close up properly and no tying sweaters or shirts on the straps, if it fits it’s good. 

Shady is as Shady does..

For example, during a busy sold out show, I had a few patrons chat me up, and the social person that I am I engaged a bit. And then right after, not even 5 mins. go by, they come back and BAM! ask me for a all kinds of favors I just can’t provide. ( I am not working in Burger King, so you can’t have it customized.)

Talk about going the length to get something done for free. (there is a time and place for those moments people). It comes with the territory, living in a super high priced city I get why folks are trying to get over on things, “It’s the have it your way” deal.  But when your going out to a place hosting entertainment there are some social set protocols you just have to abide by.  And trust me there will be those times where you might get a break or some VIP treatment but you shouldn’t expect it all the time. If you are having a need for this type of “ I got one over on you, Sucka, moments” then I recommend a trip to your local Costco and you can visit the people passing out samples until you are satisfied. 


I have to say I didn’t expect the Summer of 2015 to be so kickass! There has been lots of shows, and lots of work. 

here are the summer highlights that I have gone to.

It started off with Culture Club

Outside Lands – Saw Sir Elton, Sam Smith, Billy Idol, Cold War Kids, The Black Keys, and some other random bands

Summer Slaughter Tour – Arch Enemy, Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, The Acacia Strain, Cattle Decapitation, Beyond Creation, Mobb



Faith No More

The Notorious Wilco Brothers

Rita Ora


Coming up


Erykah Badu

Treasure Island Music Festival

I grew up in the 80’s and some of the biggest acts are getting back on the road and touring. It’s amazing, exciting, right on point. So, if you have not gone to a show yet, the summer shows are waiting for you. Start off by checking out the local listings for shows for various venue calendars, and have a moment by yourself or with friends. 

Liner Notes from the coat check

“Take a picture, it lasts longer.” – idiot proof yourself and take a photo of your claim check ticket

America What happened! Summer List of Choice Shows

About a few weeks ago, I happened to be working a show with Unwritten Law and opening is Ten Foot Pole bands from the 90s. The room was less than half sold. I think Mercury in Retrograde is definitely fucking with this show..oh well you can’t change nature.
The atmosphere at the show is interesting older folk who are cool and ready to hear some tunes. Bandwise, the bands are geared up, older, and the energy is there, the crowds have thinned out, lets face It is definitely harder to get out these days; but sometimes you just gotta do what it takes to get to the show. The two bands I mentioned above were part of my teenage generation, Generation X,  people born from the early 1960s to the early 1980s..BEFORE the Internet. I guess I was reminiscing about what the 90’s and what was happening around me. Lots and lots of local underground shows and parties, high school was pretty kickass after I got my wheels.
What is noticeable these days, are bands you heard of or not reforming and going on tour – large tour/ small tour it’s happening. Pop bands, hip hop, funk. And it’s awesome! There is that mysterious layer of bands that are underground infamous, you probably have not heard of them  or if you do know of them you have that light bulb moment OH YEAH, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THEM? moment; because they never made the internet! There are a ton of bands, artists, writers that all of us never heard of, well now is your chance to witness a piece of history if you are lucky.
Sure, the internet has evolved how we communicate; and it’s the “modern day I can’t live without you tool,” but don’t be the Tool and assume that there was no life or art in the world pre – internet. There was more real shit, raw energy, and interaction than you could imagine. You couldn’t make this shit up and put it on a shelf at Urban Outfitters.

Tonight’s show definitely, has inspired me to question music and America’s perception.. I found this quote “punk is only hibernating, not dead!” Here is my two cents: I personally think it’s not dead, but bands that make it on the radio, playing medium to large sized venues yeah or festivals, I have to concur American Punk is tired and relaxing at some jacuzzi in a trailer park somewhere in the middle of the Nevada heat. Recently, I have witnessed some kickass bands and guess what NONE were American.. Yes, the UK, AUSTRALIA, NORWAY, SOUTH AFRICA even CANADA is kicking’ ass and takin’ names. The shows are packed and the bands are performing like their lives depended on it..and trust people’s eyes were as big as pies and so stunned they couldn’t turn away…America what happened?


Outside Lands Festival 7-8-9 Aug SF, CA
Burger Boogaloo 2015 4&5 – July OAKLAND, CA

A Night In the Coat Check

Check out the latest video featuring MOI, going to work. It’s been an awesome week as well, one of the best weeks to go to shows.

This past week I saw Helmet, Dwight Yoakam, The Main Event featuring Nelly, TLC, and New Kids on the Block, and Ministry. The weather has been getting good so coat check has lightened up a bit, more backpacks than normal. What is also nice to see are the older bands that I grew up with going back out on tour, so I am on a concert kick to see some of the legendary bands that I have never seen before. I got my tickets already for Culture Club and AC/DC, and going to Outside Lands to go see Sir Elton John, headlining.

And for the first time ever going to check out the infamous Las Vegas weekend of Punk Rock Bowl.

YAY! Summer Fun has begun!

It’s 420 somewhere in the World.. don’t forget your coat!

It’s 420 somewhere in the world. For those of you wondering where I have been, I have been working like crazy and it’s been a hot second since I posted something. Hopefully, you caught my audio podcast with Megan, I am doing another video podcast show in the next couple of weeks I am really excited about this because it will be video! YAY!

Real Talk

It’s been a bit moody in coat check world, over the past 2 months the weather has changed. And the crowds seem to iffy at the coat check, don’t know if they should or shouldn’t.. people tipping at coat check has been feast or famine it just depends on the show, needless to say I have seen some kickass shows so people get your spring concert lists together bands are on tour going through the Festival Circuit.

Just in this past week I have seen:

Bad Religion




Clean Bandit

and tonight I am going to see Faith No More.. I am really excited to see FNM because I have never seen them live, and last time I saw Mike Patton on stage was 1992 when he was frontin’ Mr. Bungle at the Bill Graham Civic in SF. And I will definitely be partaking in some 420 festivities as this concert because I am going to chill out and finally enjoy a day off.

Or Yeah,

Check out these YOUTUBE video podcasts; you will be entertained for hours

Tubbin’ with Tash

Smokin’ with Doug

Snoop Dog’s GGN Network

Check My Coat Podcast #1

Hi Everyone!

I am proud to deliver Check My Coat’s #1st Podcast. Featuring Megan. I am bringing a new level of insight to you all. Enjoy~! Comment! and tell your friends.

Starting off slow and steady the next one will be up in April.

Until Then,


Good times at a Reggae show


Bob Marley would have been 70 years old, this past Feb. 6. And yes, people the celebrations, new articles, music, limited edition and never released music and photos to be had. His music and lyrics, ideals, and way of life have influenced the world in many ways. His band The Wailers, and members of his family are still playing shows. And as luck would have it, they are playing for 3 days in a row at the spot that I work at. Last night’s show was just a good time. Sold out of course but there was a mixed crowd of people who were ready to listen, dance, and smoke to 2 hours of live Bob Marley and The Wailers. The only original member who toured with Bob was there (the bass player) the rest of the people were fill in, but the music was why everyone was there. It’s timeless.

Back in the day when I was a teenager, partying with my friends until the sun came up, whenever there was rain, We’d always say “don’t worry Bob will make it better.” (referring to Bob Marley) and maybe we were trippin’ too hard, but when anyone  said this, the weather that would clear up. It did truly happen on multiple occasions and even when when were sober too. It’s funny the things you remember from your past especially what you tie in with listening to Bob Marley and The Wailers.

Back in the coat check..

A sweet 74 year old man, with a strong accent started telling me that he had only been to 2 concerts in his life. Jimmy Hendrix, and Death Cab for Cutie (which he didn’t care for) and now a Wailers show can be added to his concert list, this gentleman was so excited to be at the show, he told us he had just found out about it 2 hours before. He was unaware that the show was sold out, and you know that is a double edged sword. But no matter the man showed up and got in. It made my night to hear his story, this is the kind of interaction I love especially when it’s heartfelt. I chalk one up to the power of Bob.. ha ha

Bob  Marley in 2015 would have ICON status like Paul McCartney, Prince, Cher, Neil Young, Madonna. After the show I thought to myself , What  if Bob Marley was still alive would he have played the club I worked at? I would like to think so, but that would have been some secret show stuff. Hey it’s totally possible Garth Brooks just did a pop by last month.

So if you love Reggae Music, you love music, you love dancing, and singing along to your Bob Marley tunes.. Go see The Wailers you will not be disappointed; sharing is caring.

Until Next time,


Who doesn’t love a gift bag!


Hey All,
January has started out with a 2 week break and, so I added this into my coat check blog. It’s normal for shows and touring bands to slow down around the beginning of the year. It gives us working people some time to do normal things, and take those needed vacations.
Also, this is the time where company’s who can’t squeeze in a Christmas party, they do them in January.
I actually worked one last night. A very large corporate party, for a well-known business. They had picked San Francisco as their destination so there were a lot of people nationwide flying in for this party/convention/awards ceremony. And from what I understand there was more than one location.
I happened to be working the coat check in one location. And upon my arrival, the production was fairly big.
There was the greeters, the check-in desk with 5 checkers, the caterers, wait staff prepared with white and red wine, and ME!
And I knew this was a fancy event when the pipe organ player arrived! Yes, the location had a pipe organ. And there are very few people who know how to play them. What a gig! I was quite excited about that.
I walked into the coat check room and was greeted by fancy gift bags…gold and blue gift bags, gold tissue paper in a nice blue bag. And there were hundreds. I was surrounded by a secret departing gift for these fancy party people. Over the course of the night, the bags got me thinking, reminiscing about when I was a kid. You would go to a birthday party, party your brains out and to top it off when you got picked up sometimes the birthday girl/boy would have a party favor for you to take home. I was reminded of of a lot of Hello Kitty from the 80’s, and Bonne Bell Lip glosses in the sliding container.
And I realized that the parting gift, depending on the host or hostess the idea and custom was there in my youth and still present to me as an adult. Who doesn’t love a gift bag! And, when you become an adult sometimes the idea gets combined in a ceremony of some sort where you are recognized and get an award or even It’s something to commemorate the event, that you can take with you that has some purpose most likely with some logo, but who cares.. I am always up to see what’s in the schwag bag and as a person of function I will take the bottle opener or pen or Rolex watch.. ha ha
The annual shows that air on television like the Oscars, Grammy’s, and the AMAs, I would venture to say that those parting gift bags are choice to have. But, I have to say Oprah Winfrey. Yes Miss O, she get’s the biggest props because with her show she was able to have shows where she was giving away gifts she liked and just to get the ultimate trump on the parting gift she told the audience..” You get a car, and you get a car, and you get a car.”
So if you never thought of it.. it’s part of the party. It’s always been one of gestures of gratitude that a host works on.. (sometimes it causes stress) , and the giftee is always surprised to get it. That is just how it works. It’s part of the social – marketing cloth that this country has woven.
Who doesn’t love a gift! I bet if you think back you’ll remember a party favor that made you say WOW!
And just to let you know I was given a bag, and it was a new JBL bluetooth wireless speaker how cool!

Until Next Time,