Friends how many of us have them?


It’s that day the group decides to get together and hit up a show or a festival. You all have made plans for a few weeks and the posse is back to make some memories happen. Deep inside you know that this is gonna be one of those nights of partying that you all will be talking about because you all came ready to party. 

I get these kinds of group outings all the time coming to coat check, I think it’s great. You can’t have enough good times with your crew.

Here’s where it gets interesting, you got the core group and along the way new folks get added by date, new girlfriend/boyfriend status,  co-worker , friend of a friend, blind date etc. So the entire group has grown in size and you don’t know how these new people hang in terms of letting lose. 

So the night goes on and you are well on your way after a few drinks through the first 5 songs in the concert, everyone is feeling great. Then someone busts out the pills, and or a strong ass blunt and the combination of the whole party package sets all you all in a great party time atmosphere and then…

Cue THE HOT MESS… you have one person in this group going down. It’s so loud that the MAYDAY call is not being heard by the group because people are partying and scattered throughout the concert. And you happen to know that it’s someone newer to the group, you don’t really know. T he million dollar question is DO YOU CLAIM THEM?

All kinds of decision-making skills are required and you’re having fun and loaded.

DAMN GINA what to do?! 

Of course, the expectation is to help… or do you send them to the school of LIVE and LEARN the school of hard knox, that’s life?

Claim your friend? or Not. That is the double barrel loaded party question of the night.


I actually had this happen the about a week ago, in a group of 4 people going out. Luckily, the girl needing assistance had a strong backup because THEY CLAIMED her. Her friend was partying but was able to somehow get her coat check ticket and get her coat for her, and the whole group ended up leaving the show right about hitting the middle set. 

It was a group decision but none the less they all made the ‘E’ for effort to help their friend.

The not so cool version/ bad date version – The entire group comes drops off their stuff…the person is so trashed  but still able to barely, the entire group is doing their own thing and the person that is closest to the fucked up person gets the person’s belongings and says I’ll be right back I’m gonna get this person out and put them in a cab and I’ll be back for the rest of the show. ( true story it was a first or second date and he sent her off wishing her well.)  So this was a partial claim but a diss in the same way. Actually, she was lucky that she got the cab service to take her. 


There is no true right answer. It boils down to the group, and an individual’s basic moral principles. The group will always have some like minded streams of thoughts and actions. But at the end of the night, it’s also YOUR common sense. 

It’s times like these that I am reminded of my friends and the crazy party times we have all had. You will at some point be in the company of a group, a few , or just one person, or alone. 

Advice: Claim yourself.. (know how you party; if you’re new to the group figure out how they party and go from there.) 

If your alone have your shit straight before you go crazy especially if you’re traveling to some other country where the language is different… that is another level of partying.

Give Karma back if Karma is kind to you… if someone has claimed you,  claim someone else too when you can… you can never have too many “GOOD” party points.


It’s April and the festivals are about to take off! There are so many cool events and shows about to pop, bust out that calendar and get your money and go! Life it way too short not to.















  • ALSO don’t be snotty or disregard your local casinos… check out your local casino or Indian casinos because there are some entertainment acts that you may want to see and you may be highly surprised at who is on tour. 


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Swiping Right or Left


This blog entry is  dedicated to those on the hunt for the right app, and to those who ultimately are on the quest to find troo luv…(elmer fud voice)

You have Tinder, Ginder, Grouper, How About We, Plenty of Fish, Christian Mingle… the list is growing everyday more apps! more apps! 

YIKES! And that is just me googling dating apps I am sure that the rabbit hole of dating apps gets hella freaky to each (his/her) own.

And by now you are wondering what is a coat check blog have to do with a dating app? 

Ahh Haa! My friends, the awesome people that read my blog this is the juicy stuff you all become flys on the wall for. 

Let me start from the beginning because technically this was a seedling of a thought that bloomed over 6 months.

So 6 months ago, I had a couple come to the coat check,  they normally checked their coats. I took their coats and presented them with two tickets which is totally the deal because we rock the coat check per item. The show is full swing there were 3 bands that night, the lady comes back at the end of the second band, and obviously she had a couple of drinks in her enough to spill the beans.

Me: Picking up early?

Lady: I am so glad that you gave us two tickets

Lady: I just need my coat

Me: No problem

Lady: Have you ever done Tinder?

Me: No, but I have an idea of what it is

Lady: Well, this was my first time on it and I will NEVER do it again

Me: Oh no!

Lady: This guy buys me a couple of drinks and starts pawing me and wants to leave early to go back to his house

Me: Oh damn, so sorry about that but you are making the executive decision and good for you

Lady: I am just glad that you didn’t give us one ticket because I don’t want to see his face again, at all he’s a douche bag

Me: I get you

Lady: (Marches off upset)

Me: WHOA! what just happened?! I need to put this in my blog…


Man: Gives me the ticket

Me: I give him the jacket and (the look) I know everything…

And, that is how a coat checker becomes the all-knowing entity. I know what happened on this digital blind date gone bad! 

I often wonder besides the lady going back to discussing what a shitty date she had with her girls, I wonder if the dating apps of the world know the odd social waves that are surfacing, recreating/reemphasizing social cues.

Obviously, it’s nothing new. Blind dates have been around for a long time. We have heard about successful/ unsuccessful  dates from friends, strangers, people talking loudly in public about their own experiences. Blind dates have evolved you can thank the Internet! You put that digital twist of swiping right or left, and it becomes that Choose your own adventure book. (remember those from the 80’s) it’s part of dating and gages your own personal dos, don’ts and never agains. It adds to your own personal arsenal of self. 

About a month ago, I was talking to a cab driver taking me home from work and we got talking about apps, and I joked about the swiping dating apps because I had dealt with another blind date scenario at work. And, this is what he had to say being a cab driver. People are so into their phones and apps, that they don’t have to leave the house to meet people. Back in the day, you’d go out by yourself or with friends drop $50-$100 bucks, interact face to face with people and take it from there. Now, you just swipe based on a profile.  It’s has streamlined everything for people, and some of the realness of just meeting people genuinely has been altered. He shared that he uses the apps, nothing really bad to say, except that if these were around 20 years ago that he would have saved a lot of money. Ha Ha Ha! Interesting perspective.

This is me doing a good deed to those out there who are not too schooled, and have no older friends to refer to for social cues

What I am witnessing is an across the board interaction of novice app users to people who have been at it for awhile. And, there are some social cues one may want to earmark if you are going to participate in digital dating. 

-Go out somewhere social – Given everyone knows this

-Look nice but don’t wear your coveted name brand clothes save that for another date – you might not come back with your Prada jacket – speaking of a good or bad date

-Pay your own way – If your date has no money and keeps giving your that blank look or inferring silently to take the tab – heads up

-Be true to yourself, ask yourself before drinking and during drinking or whatever – Am I having a good time? 

-And make sure you have an app on your phone for a ride – because If you are using a dating app you’d obviously have a get a ride app

-If you are checking in your coat – GET SEPARATE TICKETS – you never know

Coat checkers are the eyes and ears of nightlife, we witness the little and big social interactions from the time you arrive until the time you leave

Fast forward to last night

I had a girl come to coat check with two jackets, I gave her two tickets and asked her if she would like them hung separately she replied, “together is fine on the same hanger.” She had this puzzling look, I said you never know, I get people all the time on blind dates and sometimes they don’t turn out so good. She started to laugh, and she said, “I never thought of it like that.” She came back at the end of the night smiling saying “ we are still together after two hours.” 

 I know that big holiday with a heart is coming up… YOUR WELCOME!

Until next time,


It’s more of an Oberservation

It’s more of an Oberservation

The Crowd, it’s always the crowd. The crowd that plays together usually dresses, has similar tastes, and has the same (vibe) or acts and reacts to things in a like minded way.

I happened to be working a show that I had never heard of the band, these shows to me provide me with two reactions where have I been that I have never heard of this band, and that I am aging and not as hip to the trip but things happen so fast I always play it by ear. I like those moments when a band I have never heard of blows my mind and shocks me.

But back to this show the Crowd was a post high school to first couple years in college kinda crowd. It’s like all the people you hung out with in high school are now officially 21+ and can drink kinda party/show and you all followed the same high school band. And now that band is part of the greater local scene and playing clubs.  More of an observation after talking to a patron of the show, ( I like to ask questions and some people spill everything); ” man I knew these guys when we were in high school and they are still playing in a band, but I went to the rival high school.” 25 patrons running around the club did go to the same high school and know the band intimately from their high school days and it was like a mini reunion, total fishbowl moment for them, and I just got sucked in.

With apple cider beer in hand the holiday weekend I think it was memorial day weekend; was into full swing since Monday was a holiday it was party time. This show was multi-layered: a reunion, an excuse to party with old friends, new friends, being single and ready to mingle you know the drill. A chance for the awkward high school ugly ducklings to shed their nerdy selves and appear as swans ready to seduce. Where the girl with the secret crush on the lead singer is now able to strut her stuff and make a new first impression without braces. A time to see that guy that was always double fisting drinks in high school parties, still holding strong and still double fisting bottles of beer this time with the added vapor cigarette or hookah.

And an ode to the middle opener band busting out of the crowd that soccer chant  ole, ole, ole.. o – le …o-le.. because somethings in high school never leave. I think this was as close to a high school reunion as I was gonna attend. The energy of the crowd was off the hook they were excited and happy and on the road to drunkerville, and for the time their middle local boys took the stage the crowd took over the venue. It was their time and the rest of us were just there to experience it.

I guess my observations that night were so clear that I could not help notice all the stuff that reminded me of my college party days. Especially, those first two years right out of college, where you still run into folks on a regular basis. It was one of those I been down that road too…moments. Sometimes it’s just a trip to watch people because you get reminded of slice of life moment you had. Obviously, you rocked it way harder because you’re old school.

And this week you get a link.. whoo haa I will  be doing a special update post with more but for now enjoy




PreProduction is where it’s at

Now the video above is the perfect introduction to this week’s coat check blog.. PreProduction or being PREPARED is where it’s at.

It’s pretty common knowledge that the more prepared one is the better the outcome/ success of any job is more of a likelihood.
Usually when I prepare for a shift in the coat check I go through my own personal prep, and then once I am in the venue I go through another prep of my coat check.
Since I most of my shifts tend to be at night and start around 7pm, my day prep is key. Here are just a few..

I revert to my usual necessities:
to be well rested : Sleep and rest is key with odd night hours and day hours it’s important to get your ZZZzzzs, or if you can’t sleep take short naps. I find I usually respond to a nap before I go to work so I’ll take an afternoon snooze I usually try to nap for 20-30 mins.
I try and do a mental rest too, what that means to me is doing other things that add to my quality of life. Like getting a massage or my nails done.

-make sure I have the right balance of food and that I have hit the gym : This is so important. You need to be feeling good and not stiff. You can’t stretch enough and doing some cardio and some weights or going outside for a walk for peace of mind is the best thing you can do for yourself everyday. You don’t have to do a lot to make yourself feel good.. 20-30 mins will get you going.
I tend to make sure I have something to eat at least an hour before I get to the venue, what I have been really into lately is having a power meal with the food that won’t make you feel like a sluggish. And I have been into juicing so I have been powering up with all kinds of concoctions but always making sure to put some ginger in that batch that is the key to energy city for me.

make sure I get my outfit together : I tend to have a busy schedule and sometimes I don’t have the energy to prepare but I always do have an idea of what pieces go together, plus what is cool is that I can always count on wearing the hoodie that has the venue logo. Making sure that I personally have black liquid eyeliner , it seems to be my go to cosmetic item I use the most is in my makeup arsenal.  For more formal events that does require a 24 hour prep schedule. Most private events want you to wear a certain color; usually black. And there is formal black and casual black.

Have somewhat of an idea of the show/event I am working. As a rule of thumb this is really important you want to know what band/artist/event/show etc. you are working. This will give you a sense of the crowd. Also you do want to check out youtube or their personal website to hear what they sound like. Believe me the audience is so different in so many ways, mainly what kind of attire does this crowd tend to  identify with. For example, you work a Reggae show. Now this crowd tends to favor having backpacks, oversized sweatshirts, coats, and will have all kinds of trinkets in their pockets. It’s an extremely positive friendly crowd but can be forgetful.When your dealing with the Country music crowd; the outfits change and you will definitely see a lot of vintage coats, vests, cowboy hats, leather pieces, denim, gloves. This crowd is a great crowd, they like to have a few drinks too so they end up being friendly/ sloppy which is great for the tips.
Also, you want to have an idea of the band’s top hit a least if you engage in a conversation about the band and you can be honest and say, I did check out their video can’t wait to see them live. Or think to yourself I heard this song online and it’s the hit so maybe you can gage how their set is going. Lastly, it helps because you do know enough and be social and that just adds to your knowledge, and your attitude about the show. And attitude is what’s going to fill that tip jar. We all have our off nights, but seriously you don’t want to be a bitchy coat checker people can pick up on that so if your in a mood change that tude! and practice smiling it’s good for your face and your tude, and chatting someone else up usually does the trick. After all folks we are social beings..we need to interact. Also a good work trick is to put oneself in work mode and get the job done, and most of the time people just want to be acknowledged, so greetings, compliments, and conversation totally make or break your night. After all working in the coat check is a SUPER social job, and the energy to output is what makes people respond. Finish your shift! and Finish Strong and with Tips!
And Last but not least, talking with your  house manager or the box office is key as well. You always want to ask about how the show/event was selling and what the expected attendance will be. That way you can do some quick thinking and set up all your hangers and racks and guesstimate what you may be checking. Be smart and work efficiently.

There will be a Part II of this Blog on Pre-Production, until next time.

Don’t stick your hand where it doesn’t belong

Over the past few weeks I have gone over the protocols of coat check and other fun facts. The things to know and be aware of, but as I was working one night I came across something I have not mentioned yet in this blog. And this week’s coat check clue in for the week is..( drumroll please)…NEVER REACH INTO THE TIP JAR.

NEVER REACH INTO THE TIP JAR to make change for yourself or for any other reason. Your hand does not belong in there Digging. This is a big fat faux pas that will totally get your coat check person to turn from a Dr. Jekyll to a Mr./Ms. Hyde. Although you may mean well, your action is being read a totally different way. Why? Because money is involved. I am sure you have heard it or experienced it in some fashion, that when money is involved things can get touchy, tense at times. There is the understated emotional line this is crossed, and once you do that you’ve already branded yourself: Rude, Asshole, Deceptive, a Snooker. (Maybe Snookie got her name because she was always trying to pull a fast one..) hummm. that is something to think about.That is what this action You are initiating is coming across as. Have no fear this is easily solvable.

But how does one avoid that?

You find yourself in the predicament that you need change, and you see a tip jar full of one dollar bills. This next decision, kids is the what separates us from the primates.. ha ha What are you going to do? Take the Red Pill or The Blue Pill?

A. Are you gonna just stick your hand in the tip jar and while your hand is in the jar tell the coat check person that you “are making change.”


B. You keep it together; poker facing that last carbomb and those red cheeks and eyes and you actually talk to your coat check person and ask them for change.

Well, for the brainiacs who picked B, you get a cyber pat on the back. Yes people, you engage the coat check person and just ask them flat out. “I need change for a ten dollar bill”. They in turn will either give you the change that you need, or if by some odd reason your coat check person is out of one dollar bills, they will be the ones to reach into their jar and make change for you.In general always ask! Talk! find out the answers. General rule of thumb: Don’t stick your hand where it doesn’t belong. I am sure your mama has told you that at some point in your life.

I find the personality type that frequents this behavior are the gigantic ego types that can’t seem to put it together that they are not the only ones in this world. The I am so full of myself, I can do anything I want kind of person. This is the bossy type. They are ( Peppermint Patty’s) like from The Peanuts. Peppermint Patty’s are not all bad they just don’t think, and are imposing.

So this party week:  be less ego, super social, inquisitive, and a magical tipper. Your New Year will hold many exciting moments and the best thing is you get your brand new coat back that you bought on Black Friday.


This week in Music

This week in Music I was able to see a really awesome Christmas show. It was Brian Setzer and The Big Band. Talk about amazing and fun! It was a holiday show that was a mix of holiday classic Christmas songs, Rockabilly and big Band songs, and songs from his past bands like The Stray Cats. If you want to be WOWWED! just go see the dude play. He can play anything. I was mostly impressed when he did his own rendition of the Nut Cracker Suite. The Big Band was a true big band full horn section, drums! woodwind section, and these guys had the moves. Lawrence Welk would have been proud! A family holiday show for all ages.