Friends how many of us have them?


It’s that day the group decides to get together and hit up a show or a festival. You all have made plans for a few weeks and the posse is back to make some memories happen. Deep inside you know that this is gonna be one of those nights of partying that you all will be talking about because you all came ready to party. 

I get these kinds of group outings all the time coming to coat check, I think it’s great. You can’t have enough good times with your crew.

Here’s where it gets interesting, you got the core group and along the way new folks get added by date, new girlfriend/boyfriend status,  co-worker , friend of a friend, blind date etc. So the entire group has grown in size and you don’t know how these new people hang in terms of letting lose. 

So the night goes on and you are well on your way after a few drinks through the first 5 songs in the concert, everyone is feeling great. Then someone busts out the pills, and or a strong ass blunt and the combination of the whole party package sets all you all in a great party time atmosphere and then…

Cue THE HOT MESS… you have one person in this group going down. It’s so loud that the MAYDAY call is not being heard by the group because people are partying and scattered throughout the concert. And you happen to know that it’s someone newer to the group, you don’t really know. T he million dollar question is DO YOU CLAIM THEM?

All kinds of decision-making skills are required and you’re having fun and loaded.

DAMN GINA what to do?! 

Of course, the expectation is to help… or do you send them to the school of LIVE and LEARN the school of hard knox, that’s life?

Claim your friend? or Not. That is the double barrel loaded party question of the night.


I actually had this happen the about a week ago, in a group of 4 people going out. Luckily, the girl needing assistance had a strong backup because THEY CLAIMED her. Her friend was partying but was able to somehow get her coat check ticket and get her coat for her, and the whole group ended up leaving the show right about hitting the middle set. 

It was a group decision but none the less they all made the ‘E’ for effort to help their friend.

The not so cool version/ bad date version – The entire group comes drops off their stuff…the person is so trashed  but still able to barely, the entire group is doing their own thing and the person that is closest to the fucked up person gets the person’s belongings and says I’ll be right back I’m gonna get this person out and put them in a cab and I’ll be back for the rest of the show. ( true story it was a first or second date and he sent her off wishing her well.)  So this was a partial claim but a diss in the same way. Actually, she was lucky that she got the cab service to take her. 


There is no true right answer. It boils down to the group, and an individual’s basic moral principles. The group will always have some like minded streams of thoughts and actions. But at the end of the night, it’s also YOUR common sense. 

It’s times like these that I am reminded of my friends and the crazy party times we have all had. You will at some point be in the company of a group, a few , or just one person, or alone. 

Advice: Claim yourself.. (know how you party; if you’re new to the group figure out how they party and go from there.) 

If your alone have your shit straight before you go crazy especially if you’re traveling to some other country where the language is different… that is another level of partying.

Give Karma back if Karma is kind to you… if someone has claimed you,  claim someone else too when you can… you can never have too many “GOOD” party points.


It’s April and the festivals are about to take off! There are so many cool events and shows about to pop, bust out that calendar and get your money and go! Life it way too short not to.















  • ALSO don’t be snotty or disregard your local casinos… check out your local casino or Indian casinos because there are some entertainment acts that you may want to see and you may be highly surprised at who is on tour. 


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Slow your roll, “ain’t no one gonna lose an eyeball”

So over the period of the last few weeks, I have been to some awesome shows, a little of both work and play. And I there are those times during my job where I do meet really genuine and cool people. Most of the time before and after the show it’s busy, but there are those shows where people are straggling’ and just getting there for the headlining act. I had a show I was working about 2 weeks ago, I can’t really remember what band it was, but a gentleman came into coat check late halfway through the headlining act, check his coat and saw the rest of the show. He came back after the show was done to get his coat, and shared with me that he thought he lost $20. Immediately, I started asking questions and told him to back track his last half hour, and then I shared with him my ( ya know whats).. I tend to (ya know what) a lot of topics.. but I really did feel bummed for the guy. I said, “ you know what?” he stood attentive.. I said when you catch yourself in this type of situation be it money, an item of value or importance like you house/car keys.. this is a sign that you need to slow down.

Slow your roll, “ain’t no one gonna lose an eyeball” this is the sentence that runs through my mind when I get those patrons that infer that there in such a hurry and basically throwing their coats at you. Their body language is so descriptive that they come across annoyed (lots of huffing and eyeball rolling), attitude driven even when I acknowledge that they were next. And being the coat checker, there have been many a time that I have thanked people for being patient for a line that had a 2-3 minute wait.  I Blame the parents who raised the I want it NOW! Insta everything Generation.. and all the digital devices to back up that sentiment.. even if they are used to make our lives easier they are making us socially inept.
I told the dude to , “Just be mindful of what goes in and out of your pockets.” Then this look came over his face, like  YES! you are totally right. It was a really cool moment because it led to a mini conversation about multitasking and how people are so connected to so many things that sometimes you automatically go through the motions and really don’t process what you are doing until… you lose $20bux!. and be it as it may, $20bux is $20bux, that’s at least 2-3 drinks at the the bar, or a merchandise purchase at a show or a ride home in a cab. The point is, that by splitting your brain to do 2-3, to 5 things all at once it poses the question of intake and personal accounting of yourself. The American workforce has been groomed to be a multitasking machine, you look at all the companies out there and see job posts looking for Multitasker do 3 jobs and get paid for 1. It’s a double edged sword.. doing a few things at the same time is pretty damn awesome as long as your are not fucking shit up, and folks some people are just better than it than others. But the flip side on that is… are you present in the moment? Are you receiving the information you are supposed to? Are you having the quality moment that you are supposed to have with yourself? ( Are you at a cafe with your friends having coffee and texting on your phone?)
The conversation gradually came to both of us sharing our experiences, and acknowledging that taking things down a notch, isn’t gonna stop the presses or make someone lose a limb. It’s Quality over quantity. So for this blog entry, I encourage you all to be realistic with yourselves.
Also, heads up it’s the holidays and if your multitasking the whole enchilada, be mindful of your currency, and use some of those old fashioned manners you read about in a real paper book.

Until Next time,


That Secret Special Place

There is a secret special place you and only you could know.
That secret special place that holds your important things you hold.
A secret special place that you go to time and time again
That secret special place you only share with a close friend.

Like my poem.. ? It’s the intro to this week’s coat check blog.. that secret special place. Everyone has one, sometimes it’s so secret you can’t even remember it especially when you have had a round or three.  But this week I am highlighting the special places we all use.
There are many a check where once the person gets the coat check stub the next move is on the patron to store it.  And storage on a night where you wanna be wild and cra- zay .. is a prime.

Men – Men’s storage is kinda on the predictable side, of course I don’t discount anything they can get pretty creative when needed to but here are the go to spots..
THE WALLET .. those infamous black/brown leather wallets with the compartmentalized sections.. the bills and money section, then the six or eight slits for those credit cards, and the clear face for the ID’s. Guys who usually bust out the wallet shove their coat check ticket into two areas in the clear face right where their ID is at so they can see it, the other spot is into one of those misc. slits. Shoved deeply they can’t see it. (It’s always this action that causes the self induced anxiety, and then when found, the deepest sigh of relief.)
Above the denim pocket there lies an even smaller space.. Both men’s and women’s denim have this compartment.. I don’t know if this was created as a utility move or just a straight up fashion move.. but what ever it is called it is used and works most of the time.
The regular pockets either in the front or back pockets. Not the most secure spot. Why? because as the night progresses those become the reserves for your cash that you are using that night, flyers, phone numbers, your cellphone. And the more that you use that pocket the more the likelihood that you are going to have something fall out of it and poof! there goes that twenty dollar bill that you crumpled up.
Your a pocket kind of guy. front shirt pocket! That is near and dear to your heart. This is what I call the fifty-fifty spot.. coming to claim your coat at the end of the night is like spinning the roulette wheel… front of the line? end of the line? tears? As Robert Smith from The Cure sings “Boys don’t Cry”

Women – The Ladies have a few more options to go on as those mentioned above.  Depending on your fashion choice for the evening you can get pretty crafty.
Behold the power of the bra.. Never underestimate the utility of the bra. It can hold many different things. I’ve seen sizable things to the most smallest things. Cellphones, cigarette packs, mini liquor bottles, YOUR COAT CHECK claim number… The bummer side of this at the end of the night, is that you are whipping’ out a sweaty ass ticket, and so happy that your ta-tas have held it together don’t expect any coat check person to take it from you.  My piece of advice is put it on the counter.
The Boot… As in your shoe, not for the wheel of your car. Boots are in fashion. You can go to any shoe website and it’s BOOTS, BOOTS, BOOTS.. they are all the rage this season. So how does this work.. well most boot wearers must wear long socks at least a knee high number, you can always stick that ticket in that sock and zip that puppy up and poof your on your way to the dance floor. Now if you have not done your laundry and wearing short socks that may get tricky but I am sure where there is a will there is a way.

So you off you go my coat check patrons.. off with your coat,  off with your hats, off with your bags, and shoes and whatever else you decide to shed for the night. Celebrate your secret spots, and don’t forget to tell a friend because two heads are better than one.

Until next time

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