Friends how many of us have them?


It’s that day the group decides to get together and hit up a show or a festival. You all have made plans for a few weeks and the posse is back to make some memories happen. Deep inside you know that this is gonna be one of those nights of partying that you all will be talking about because you all came ready to party. 

I get these kinds of group outings all the time coming to coat check, I think it’s great. You can’t have enough good times with your crew.

Here’s where it gets interesting, you got the core group and along the way new folks get added by date, new girlfriend/boyfriend status,  co-worker , friend of a friend, blind date etc. So the entire group has grown in size and you don’t know how these new people hang in terms of letting lose. 

So the night goes on and you are well on your way after a few drinks through the first 5 songs in the concert, everyone is feeling great. Then someone busts out the pills, and or a strong ass blunt and the combination of the whole party package sets all you all in a great party time atmosphere and then…

Cue THE HOT MESS… you have one person in this group going down. It’s so loud that the MAYDAY call is not being heard by the group because people are partying and scattered throughout the concert. And you happen to know that it’s someone newer to the group, you don’t really know. T he million dollar question is DO YOU CLAIM THEM?

All kinds of decision-making skills are required and you’re having fun and loaded.

DAMN GINA what to do?! 

Of course, the expectation is to help… or do you send them to the school of LIVE and LEARN the school of hard knox, that’s life?

Claim your friend? or Not. That is the double barrel loaded party question of the night.


I actually had this happen the about a week ago, in a group of 4 people going out. Luckily, the girl needing assistance had a strong backup because THEY CLAIMED her. Her friend was partying but was able to somehow get her coat check ticket and get her coat for her, and the whole group ended up leaving the show right about hitting the middle set. 

It was a group decision but none the less they all made the ‘E’ for effort to help their friend.

The not so cool version/ bad date version – The entire group comes drops off their stuff…the person is so trashed  but still able to barely, the entire group is doing their own thing and the person that is closest to the fucked up person gets the person’s belongings and says I’ll be right back I’m gonna get this person out and put them in a cab and I’ll be back for the rest of the show. ( true story it was a first or second date and he sent her off wishing her well.)  So this was a partial claim but a diss in the same way. Actually, she was lucky that she got the cab service to take her. 


There is no true right answer. It boils down to the group, and an individual’s basic moral principles. The group will always have some like minded streams of thoughts and actions. But at the end of the night, it’s also YOUR common sense. 

It’s times like these that I am reminded of my friends and the crazy party times we have all had. You will at some point be in the company of a group, a few , or just one person, or alone. 

Advice: Claim yourself.. (know how you party; if you’re new to the group figure out how they party and go from there.) 

If your alone have your shit straight before you go crazy especially if you’re traveling to some other country where the language is different… that is another level of partying.

Give Karma back if Karma is kind to you… if someone has claimed you,  claim someone else too when you can… you can never have too many “GOOD” party points.


It’s April and the festivals are about to take off! There are so many cool events and shows about to pop, bust out that calendar and get your money and go! Life it way too short not to.















  • ALSO don’t be snotty or disregard your local casinos… check out your local casino or Indian casinos because there are some entertainment acts that you may want to see and you may be highly surprised at who is on tour. 


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Summer in the coat check

Hey All,

My once a week blog has an impromtu Gone Fishing moment.. Oh well, it happens. Its summer , and the first few days of it hit me like a brick. I was wanting to play hookie from everything.. ha ha as you can tell.

Summer in the coat check has thus far been super sparse. Even living in a city known for the fog.. it’s been slim checkin’s. I worked a 1200 person show the other night really close to a sell out and out of all those people who came I got about 30 items that were checked in.. and walked away with a whole $2 dollars in tips. So that is what I mean by summer and working in the coat check. Actually, it’s hit or miss it really depends on the show and crowd. I am sure if you have been reading my other posts you know what I am talking about.

Most these days are the giant backpacks people bring to shows. It seems as if people are hauling their belongings everywhere hence making it for a heavy haul to attend a show. The purse, The merse, and The Backpack. They just keep evolving..

So summer shows and festivals you may want to ear mark for

Ginger Baker was just here playing at Yoshi’s in Oakland.. ahhhh next time, he may be making his way to your neck of the woods if so you must check it out.. I saw the documentary and it made me more of a fan!

Super freestyle explosion is this weekend 6/28 in SJ.. .with Lisa LIsa Cult Jam, JJ FAD… ole skool

Die Antwoord – Playing in the Bay In September

Burger Boogaloo Music Fest , SF/OAK – Ronnie Spector is to headline it ( I personally have to see this)

King Diamond will be coming to the Warfield in SF , on Devil’s night.

The Treasure Island Music Festival

Outside Lands is coming up

Of course there are the free Shows in Golden Gate Park during the summer..

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, and Stern Grove Festival

Lots of summer time fun stuff to do.. and this is just in the SF Bay Area…

Don’t forget the July 4th Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest

If you are reading my blog from another city/town.. what is the big Summertime show/festival you go to?


I’ll be back.. next week. Until then LGOYW

It’s getting hot in here

It’s Summer! Hi Everyone, Summer is upon us and there are definite changes in what you are wearing these days. Over the past few weeks working in coat check I have noticed coat and jackets have morphed into spring and summer wear. Less bulk, to match the weather. In the Summertime, what comes into coat check changes. The last shift I worked I would definitely say was more backpack and bag oriented. Followed by light shells of coats, denim jackets. vests, windbreakers, light sweaters etc.

Summer is a great time to be going out there are festivals, outside concerts, events, block parties, parades you name it’s about to roll around. This weeks coat check focuses on packaging what you brought. In one of my first blogs, I referred to people digging in their bags as “diggers”, looking into a bag that seems like an endless hole, where you know you put something away, and are actively trying to retrieve it. This is not a bad thing, but it does hold up the line for coat check. I recommend taking a few mins, before you come to the coat check window to check in your items, and double check what you are showing up with, what you will need, and where you are storing it; i.e. ( your ID, credit card). and then check it. You will have to take your claim number and put it somewhere, and these days just get creative take your cellphone and snap a picture. I always encourage this.

If you find yourself at an outdoor event, festival, big concert. You will have to plan ahead to bring the provisions you will need all day long. So the night before make a checklist. Go to the festivals website and see what you can actually bring in, the rules change all the time. Some festivals may provide a locker system, you can rent one for the day they look like the one you’d find at the local skating rink. They are great because you and your friends can share it and you can stop by and get stuff as you need.

If you find yourself as an outdoor event, there may be a tent where you may be able to store your items as well. Just make sure that you ask the attendant on the rules.

So enjoy yourselves, get to a summer show! You all have earned it.

I’m going to be updating later on this week a summer list of shows.