It’s more of an Oberservation

It’s more of an Oberservation

The Crowd, it’s always the crowd. The crowd that plays together usually dresses, has similar tastes, and has the same (vibe) or acts and reacts to things in a like minded way.

I happened to be working a show that I had never heard of the band, these shows to me provide me with two reactions where have I been that I have never heard of this band, and that I am aging and not as hip to the trip but things happen so fast I always play it by ear. I like those moments when a band I have never heard of blows my mind and shocks me.

But back to this show the Crowd was a post high school to first couple years in college kinda crowd. It’s like all the people you hung out with in high school are now officially 21+ and can drink kinda party/show and you all followed the same high school band. And now that band is part of the greater local scene and playing clubs.  More of an observation after talking to a patron of the show, ( I like to ask questions and some people spill everything); ” man I knew these guys when we were in high school and they are still playing in a band, but I went to the rival high school.” 25 patrons running around the club did go to the same high school and know the band intimately from their high school days and it was like a mini reunion, total fishbowl moment for them, and I just got sucked in.

With apple cider beer in hand the holiday weekend I think it was memorial day weekend; was into full swing since Monday was a holiday it was party time. This show was multi-layered: a reunion, an excuse to party with old friends, new friends, being single and ready to mingle you know the drill. A chance for the awkward high school ugly ducklings to shed their nerdy selves and appear as swans ready to seduce. Where the girl with the secret crush on the lead singer is now able to strut her stuff and make a new first impression without braces. A time to see that guy that was always double fisting drinks in high school parties, still holding strong and still double fisting bottles of beer this time with the added vapor cigarette or hookah.

And an ode to the middle opener band busting out of the crowd that soccer chant  ole, ole, ole.. o – le …o-le.. because somethings in high school never leave. I think this was as close to a high school reunion as I was gonna attend. The energy of the crowd was off the hook they were excited and happy and on the road to drunkerville, and for the time their middle local boys took the stage the crowd took over the venue. It was their time and the rest of us were just there to experience it.

I guess my observations that night were so clear that I could not help notice all the stuff that reminded me of my college party days. Especially, those first two years right out of college, where you still run into folks on a regular basis. It was one of those I been down that road too…moments. Sometimes it’s just a trip to watch people because you get reminded of slice of life moment you had. Obviously, you rocked it way harder because you’re old school.

And this week you get a link.. whoo haa I will  be doing a special update post with more but for now enjoy