Friends how many of us have them?


It’s that day the group decides to get together and hit up a show or a festival. You all have made plans for a few weeks and the posse is back to make some memories happen. Deep inside you know that this is gonna be one of those nights of partying that you all will be talking about because you all came ready to party. 

I get these kinds of group outings all the time coming to coat check, I think it’s great. You can’t have enough good times with your crew.

Here’s where it gets interesting, you got the core group and along the way new folks get added by date, new girlfriend/boyfriend status,  co-worker , friend of a friend, blind date etc. So the entire group has grown in size and you don’t know how these new people hang in terms of letting lose. 

So the night goes on and you are well on your way after a few drinks through the first 5 songs in the concert, everyone is feeling great. Then someone busts out the pills, and or a strong ass blunt and the combination of the whole party package sets all you all in a great party time atmosphere and then…

Cue THE HOT MESS… you have one person in this group going down. It’s so loud that the MAYDAY call is not being heard by the group because people are partying and scattered throughout the concert. And you happen to know that it’s someone newer to the group, you don’t really know. T he million dollar question is DO YOU CLAIM THEM?

All kinds of decision-making skills are required and you’re having fun and loaded.

DAMN GINA what to do?! 

Of course, the expectation is to help… or do you send them to the school of LIVE and LEARN the school of hard knox, that’s life?

Claim your friend? or Not. That is the double barrel loaded party question of the night.


I actually had this happen the about a week ago, in a group of 4 people going out. Luckily, the girl needing assistance had a strong backup because THEY CLAIMED her. Her friend was partying but was able to somehow get her coat check ticket and get her coat for her, and the whole group ended up leaving the show right about hitting the middle set. 

It was a group decision but none the less they all made the ‘E’ for effort to help their friend.

The not so cool version/ bad date version – The entire group comes drops off their stuff…the person is so trashed  but still able to barely, the entire group is doing their own thing and the person that is closest to the fucked up person gets the person’s belongings and says I’ll be right back I’m gonna get this person out and put them in a cab and I’ll be back for the rest of the show. ( true story it was a first or second date and he sent her off wishing her well.)  So this was a partial claim but a diss in the same way. Actually, she was lucky that she got the cab service to take her. 


There is no true right answer. It boils down to the group, and an individual’s basic moral principles. The group will always have some like minded streams of thoughts and actions. But at the end of the night, it’s also YOUR common sense. 

It’s times like these that I am reminded of my friends and the crazy party times we have all had. You will at some point be in the company of a group, a few , or just one person, or alone. 

Advice: Claim yourself.. (know how you party; if you’re new to the group figure out how they party and go from there.) 

If your alone have your shit straight before you go crazy especially if you’re traveling to some other country where the language is different… that is another level of partying.

Give Karma back if Karma is kind to you… if someone has claimed you,  claim someone else too when you can… you can never have too many “GOOD” party points.


It’s April and the festivals are about to take off! There are so many cool events and shows about to pop, bust out that calendar and get your money and go! Life it way too short not to.















  • ALSO don’t be snotty or disregard your local casinos… check out your local casino or Indian casinos because there are some entertainment acts that you may want to see and you may be highly surprised at who is on tour. 


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Swiping Right or Left


This blog entry is  dedicated to those on the hunt for the right app, and to those who ultimately are on the quest to find troo luv…(elmer fud voice)

You have Tinder, Ginder, Grouper, How About We, Plenty of Fish, Christian Mingle… the list is growing everyday more apps! more apps! 

YIKES! And that is just me googling dating apps I am sure that the rabbit hole of dating apps gets hella freaky to each (his/her) own.

And by now you are wondering what is a coat check blog have to do with a dating app? 

Ahh Haa! My friends, the awesome people that read my blog this is the juicy stuff you all become flys on the wall for. 

Let me start from the beginning because technically this was a seedling of a thought that bloomed over 6 months.

So 6 months ago, I had a couple come to the coat check,  they normally checked their coats. I took their coats and presented them with two tickets which is totally the deal because we rock the coat check per item. The show is full swing there were 3 bands that night, the lady comes back at the end of the second band, and obviously she had a couple of drinks in her enough to spill the beans.

Me: Picking up early?

Lady: I am so glad that you gave us two tickets

Lady: I just need my coat

Me: No problem

Lady: Have you ever done Tinder?

Me: No, but I have an idea of what it is

Lady: Well, this was my first time on it and I will NEVER do it again

Me: Oh no!

Lady: This guy buys me a couple of drinks and starts pawing me and wants to leave early to go back to his house

Me: Oh damn, so sorry about that but you are making the executive decision and good for you

Lady: I am just glad that you didn’t give us one ticket because I don’t want to see his face again, at all he’s a douche bag

Me: I get you

Lady: (Marches off upset)

Me: WHOA! what just happened?! I need to put this in my blog…


Man: Gives me the ticket

Me: I give him the jacket and (the look) I know everything…

And, that is how a coat checker becomes the all-knowing entity. I know what happened on this digital blind date gone bad! 

I often wonder besides the lady going back to discussing what a shitty date she had with her girls, I wonder if the dating apps of the world know the odd social waves that are surfacing, recreating/reemphasizing social cues.

Obviously, it’s nothing new. Blind dates have been around for a long time. We have heard about successful/ unsuccessful  dates from friends, strangers, people talking loudly in public about their own experiences. Blind dates have evolved you can thank the Internet! You put that digital twist of swiping right or left, and it becomes that Choose your own adventure book. (remember those from the 80’s) it’s part of dating and gages your own personal dos, don’ts and never agains. It adds to your own personal arsenal of self. 

About a month ago, I was talking to a cab driver taking me home from work and we got talking about apps, and I joked about the swiping dating apps because I had dealt with another blind date scenario at work. And, this is what he had to say being a cab driver. People are so into their phones and apps, that they don’t have to leave the house to meet people. Back in the day, you’d go out by yourself or with friends drop $50-$100 bucks, interact face to face with people and take it from there. Now, you just swipe based on a profile.  It’s has streamlined everything for people, and some of the realness of just meeting people genuinely has been altered. He shared that he uses the apps, nothing really bad to say, except that if these were around 20 years ago that he would have saved a lot of money. Ha Ha Ha! Interesting perspective.

This is me doing a good deed to those out there who are not too schooled, and have no older friends to refer to for social cues

What I am witnessing is an across the board interaction of novice app users to people who have been at it for awhile. And, there are some social cues one may want to earmark if you are going to participate in digital dating. 

-Go out somewhere social – Given everyone knows this

-Look nice but don’t wear your coveted name brand clothes save that for another date – you might not come back with your Prada jacket – speaking of a good or bad date

-Pay your own way – If your date has no money and keeps giving your that blank look or inferring silently to take the tab – heads up

-Be true to yourself, ask yourself before drinking and during drinking or whatever – Am I having a good time? 

-And make sure you have an app on your phone for a ride – because If you are using a dating app you’d obviously have a get a ride app

-If you are checking in your coat – GET SEPARATE TICKETS – you never know

Coat checkers are the eyes and ears of nightlife, we witness the little and big social interactions from the time you arrive until the time you leave

Fast forward to last night

I had a girl come to coat check with two jackets, I gave her two tickets and asked her if she would like them hung separately she replied, “together is fine on the same hanger.” She had this puzzling look, I said you never know, I get people all the time on blind dates and sometimes they don’t turn out so good. She started to laugh, and she said, “I never thought of it like that.” She came back at the end of the night smiling saying “ we are still together after two hours.” 

 I know that big holiday with a heart is coming up… YOUR WELCOME!

Until next time,


Upside Down/ Inside Out

Upside Down/ Inside Out

I was thinking of what to blog about this week, and as I was working a coat had come to coat check by it’s owner upside down and inside out.
And, right then and there I thought to myself this is was going to be the Upside down/inside out blog.
For whatever reason(s) and there are probably many, people giving up their coats always put their personal instructions when they submit them or questions.
Then there are the ones who just have to get out of their coat who come up to you and have not shed it from their bodies yet.
I find that 2 out of 20 people hand in their coats this way.
It’s the insta strip, the attempt to grab the necessities from the pockets. This is done in such a hurry the the coat check person will get the coat upside down and
definitely inside out. People! I am speaking for myself This is sooooo annoying. My personal philosophy is that if you had me your coat that way then, I’m going to hang it that way. And sometimes I do.
Why is this such an annoyance? Well, the next step in the process is the hanging part. First off, the last thing any coat checker wants to do is turn your coat to the right side it should be hanging. We don’t know you. and don’t want to experience your personal parts of your coat especially when you have just removed it from your person.
Your dealing with a whole lot of factors here: body heat, smell (which is another blog to itself), and let me be super blunt. It just feels GROSS to rearrange and pull out a sleeve especially when the patron doesn’t have the best hygiene and you just know it.
Oh patrons… don’t be fooled we will take your coat and check it for a price.. but you will leave a coat checker with a lasting impression. And whatever that impression is trust me it’s not going to be favorable.
It doesn’t take very long for you to submit your coat the right side up. I imagine at the most 15 seconds. 15 seconds to do something the RIGHT way. I wonder if it takes that long to do anything the right way or at least start the process. People, I implore you take the extra time for yourself. It builds character and will not make your label yourself unnecessarily; you know your the person at the party with the lampshade on their head.
It’s another lesson to the beat of a cool song. Something sassy and constructive.
At the same time I could hear Diana Ross in the background singing her famous hit too.

Music Wise This week was really fun.

Carcass is on tour check it out! They have a new release out 2014 haven’t done one since 1996, so you metal heads GO!

Rockets from The Crypt had a really fun show too rocked peoples face off!

And Crosses actually the band has the symbol for their name, look it up.

Until Next Time,



Team Triple Check

Team Triple Check / The Keepers of the Warmth

It never ceases to amaze me that we the coat checkers are always creatively thinking when it comes to managing a grouping of coats.
I recently worked a coat check with 2 other coat checkers. It was my first triple coat check( I have to admit that discount double check ad pops into my head) . I have to share that the triple coat checker gig was a really cool experience. The event was so big that there was definitely lots of work for all of us. We ran this coat check pretty slick thanks to our creative thinking and years’ of experience.
I always scope out any event by the number of attendees, take into an account of what kind of weather is local. Do some logical thinking and then make an estimation. It kind of gives you a guide to how to fit your coat check.
Fitting is outfitting your coat check properly making sure your hangers, racks, tickets, and any other supplies are at hand and that you know where things are at and it doesn’t look disorganized. You always want to be presentable even if you know that deep down inside it’s crazy.
When your working with other checkers communication is key. And it’s always so nice when everyone knows what everyone else is up too.  It also helps if they are stellar co-workers, which I totally lucked out on.
Instead of us individually checking in coats and doing the transaction, we streamlined that big event with three different reference points the patron had to walk through.

Checker #1 – Took the item and assigning as return ticket
Checker #2 – Was the money and ticker issuer
Checker #3 – Was the hanger/stocking person/ organizer

This flow was the most ideal for this event. People were in and out in no time. It was totally an assembly line styled evening in coat check, but really one of the most thought out workflows.
And with the front end all on the set up, it made the return for pick up smooth.

Another cool part of this event was that it was full of interesting characters people who really celebrated the Edwardian time period.
It was visual, it was knowledgeable, and people were really taking it there and talking like they were from that time period.
A man who had come into our coat check dressed up like he was on a royal safari sent out by a royal expedition…came because he wanted to submit something into lost and found. And after hearing him talk for a few minutes he summed it up best.

“You are the keepers of the warmth! You send everyone home warm with their jackets.” I thought how spot on, I never really thought of if it in that manner, but yes that is what we do.
Sometimes it takes a total stranger to make you realize what you actually are doing has bigger outcomes than just what you see off the top it’s felt all the way home.

Until next time,

Forgotten and Left Behind

The show is over and the crowd is leaving the venue, the last of the drinks are finished; the gathering of the friends commences to find the after party; So does the gathering of the belongings.
The gathering of the belongings can be a slippery slope usually only one or two of these tasks actually gets accomplished, especially if you are having an extraordinary party night.
Your just not ready to stop the party, once you get past the ” I can do anything I feel great! I’m the king of the world shot!” You enter the realm of I don’t care about anything… I could care less state.
Now, if your flying solo or if your co-pilot is just as twisted as you are this is can lead to the fate of your coat/purse/merse etc. to be thrust into the world of the FORGOTTEN and LEFT BEHIND.
Coat check becomes closed for the night and like a mother who forgot to pick up her kid your coat awaits for pick up.
Maybe the next day you’ll be recovering from your headbanger of a night and trying to piece things together. Like how did I end up with her/him? and what did we do? What happened to my shit? Where are my car keys I swear I left them in my coat pocket… Oh wait, where is my coat? Wait for it…
Then… panic, upset, saying the word FUCK multiple times, maybe I need a bloody merry to deal. What ever your solution is Take a deep breathe, possibly throw yourself in the shower.

RETRACERS – You actually remember that you had a coat. This is a good thing! That means you were messed up but did not gulp down that mind eraser or last car bomb. After you have had your mini fit.. you can now call your friends or better yet call the venue during business hours and check.
I always recommend doing this within the first 72 hours. That folks is pretty much a decent window of opportunity for you. Let’s be totally real with this. Venues, Clubs, Bars don’t have to hold onto your belongings at all, but most places are super cool and will hang onto it for a few weeks if your lucky and it goes into Lost/Found. After that your item will magically make it into the hands of a new owner.

NEVERMINDERS – If your all about the disposable clothing these days, The Targets, Old Navy’s, The Ross’, etc. then your coat may have no value at all. Which is the other half of the school of thought. The folks who think… whatever, I can get another one. It gives them an excuse to shop.
Your coat will go through the Lost/Found process, and then will make it’s way to a new owner via donation.


This week in music was pretty interesting. It was music from Brazil some country jambands. Mixing in some local San Francisco bands playing some punk/ ska.

Winter Wonderland Fashion Show

I am happy to announce a WINTER fashion celebration that will be show casing coats and winter clothing make it a point NOT to forget.

This Saturday the 18th ATTACK HEART will be a part of fashion collaboration at WINTER WONDERLAND FASHION SHOW
1525 Webster Street
Oakland, CA


Winter Wonderland Fashion Show

Winter Wonderland Fashion Show


Video Credit : Ahrix – Left Behind