Friends how many of us have them?


It’s that day the group decides to get together and hit up a show or a festival. You all have made plans for a few weeks and the posse is back to make some memories happen. Deep inside you know that this is gonna be one of those nights of partying that you all will be talking about because you all came ready to party. 

I get these kinds of group outings all the time coming to coat check, I think it’s great. You can’t have enough good times with your crew.

Here’s where it gets interesting, you got the core group and along the way new folks get added by date, new girlfriend/boyfriend status,  co-worker , friend of a friend, blind date etc. So the entire group has grown in size and you don’t know how these new people hang in terms of letting lose. 

So the night goes on and you are well on your way after a few drinks through the first 5 songs in the concert, everyone is feeling great. Then someone busts out the pills, and or a strong ass blunt and the combination of the whole party package sets all you all in a great party time atmosphere and then…

Cue THE HOT MESS… you have one person in this group going down. It’s so loud that the MAYDAY call is not being heard by the group because people are partying and scattered throughout the concert. And you happen to know that it’s someone newer to the group, you don’t really know. T he million dollar question is DO YOU CLAIM THEM?

All kinds of decision-making skills are required and you’re having fun and loaded.

DAMN GINA what to do?! 

Of course, the expectation is to help… or do you send them to the school of LIVE and LEARN the school of hard knox, that’s life?

Claim your friend? or Not. That is the double barrel loaded party question of the night.


I actually had this happen the about a week ago, in a group of 4 people going out. Luckily, the girl needing assistance had a strong backup because THEY CLAIMED her. Her friend was partying but was able to somehow get her coat check ticket and get her coat for her, and the whole group ended up leaving the show right about hitting the middle set. 

It was a group decision but none the less they all made the ‘E’ for effort to help their friend.

The not so cool version/ bad date version – The entire group comes drops off their stuff…the person is so trashed  but still able to barely, the entire group is doing their own thing and the person that is closest to the fucked up person gets the person’s belongings and says I’ll be right back I’m gonna get this person out and put them in a cab and I’ll be back for the rest of the show. ( true story it was a first or second date and he sent her off wishing her well.)  So this was a partial claim but a diss in the same way. Actually, she was lucky that she got the cab service to take her. 


There is no true right answer. It boils down to the group, and an individual’s basic moral principles. The group will always have some like minded streams of thoughts and actions. But at the end of the night, it’s also YOUR common sense. 

It’s times like these that I am reminded of my friends and the crazy party times we have all had. You will at some point be in the company of a group, a few , or just one person, or alone. 

Advice: Claim yourself.. (know how you party; if you’re new to the group figure out how they party and go from there.) 

If your alone have your shit straight before you go crazy especially if you’re traveling to some other country where the language is different… that is another level of partying.

Give Karma back if Karma is kind to you… if someone has claimed you,  claim someone else too when you can… you can never have too many “GOOD” party points.


It’s April and the festivals are about to take off! There are so many cool events and shows about to pop, bust out that calendar and get your money and go! Life it way too short not to.















  • ALSO don’t be snotty or disregard your local casinos… check out your local casino or Indian casinos because there are some entertainment acts that you may want to see and you may be highly surprised at who is on tour. 


Also, if you like my coat check blog tell a friend! I am always looking for new people that enjoy slice of life blogs!




Swiping Right or Left


This blog entry is  dedicated to those on the hunt for the right app, and to those who ultimately are on the quest to find troo luv…(elmer fud voice)

You have Tinder, Ginder, Grouper, How About We, Plenty of Fish, Christian Mingle… the list is growing everyday more apps! more apps! 

YIKES! And that is just me googling dating apps I am sure that the rabbit hole of dating apps gets hella freaky to each (his/her) own.

And by now you are wondering what is a coat check blog have to do with a dating app? 

Ahh Haa! My friends, the awesome people that read my blog this is the juicy stuff you all become flys on the wall for. 

Let me start from the beginning because technically this was a seedling of a thought that bloomed over 6 months.

So 6 months ago, I had a couple come to the coat check,  they normally checked their coats. I took their coats and presented them with two tickets which is totally the deal because we rock the coat check per item. The show is full swing there were 3 bands that night, the lady comes back at the end of the second band, and obviously she had a couple of drinks in her enough to spill the beans.

Me: Picking up early?

Lady: I am so glad that you gave us two tickets

Lady: I just need my coat

Me: No problem

Lady: Have you ever done Tinder?

Me: No, but I have an idea of what it is

Lady: Well, this was my first time on it and I will NEVER do it again

Me: Oh no!

Lady: This guy buys me a couple of drinks and starts pawing me and wants to leave early to go back to his house

Me: Oh damn, so sorry about that but you are making the executive decision and good for you

Lady: I am just glad that you didn’t give us one ticket because I don’t want to see his face again, at all he’s a douche bag

Me: I get you

Lady: (Marches off upset)

Me: WHOA! what just happened?! I need to put this in my blog…


Man: Gives me the ticket

Me: I give him the jacket and (the look) I know everything…

And, that is how a coat checker becomes the all-knowing entity. I know what happened on this digital blind date gone bad! 

I often wonder besides the lady going back to discussing what a shitty date she had with her girls, I wonder if the dating apps of the world know the odd social waves that are surfacing, recreating/reemphasizing social cues.

Obviously, it’s nothing new. Blind dates have been around for a long time. We have heard about successful/ unsuccessful  dates from friends, strangers, people talking loudly in public about their own experiences. Blind dates have evolved you can thank the Internet! You put that digital twist of swiping right or left, and it becomes that Choose your own adventure book. (remember those from the 80’s) it’s part of dating and gages your own personal dos, don’ts and never agains. It adds to your own personal arsenal of self. 

About a month ago, I was talking to a cab driver taking me home from work and we got talking about apps, and I joked about the swiping dating apps because I had dealt with another blind date scenario at work. And, this is what he had to say being a cab driver. People are so into their phones and apps, that they don’t have to leave the house to meet people. Back in the day, you’d go out by yourself or with friends drop $50-$100 bucks, interact face to face with people and take it from there. Now, you just swipe based on a profile.  It’s has streamlined everything for people, and some of the realness of just meeting people genuinely has been altered. He shared that he uses the apps, nothing really bad to say, except that if these were around 20 years ago that he would have saved a lot of money. Ha Ha Ha! Interesting perspective.

This is me doing a good deed to those out there who are not too schooled, and have no older friends to refer to for social cues

What I am witnessing is an across the board interaction of novice app users to people who have been at it for awhile. And, there are some social cues one may want to earmark if you are going to participate in digital dating. 

-Go out somewhere social – Given everyone knows this

-Look nice but don’t wear your coveted name brand clothes save that for another date – you might not come back with your Prada jacket – speaking of a good or bad date

-Pay your own way – If your date has no money and keeps giving your that blank look or inferring silently to take the tab – heads up

-Be true to yourself, ask yourself before drinking and during drinking or whatever – Am I having a good time? 

-And make sure you have an app on your phone for a ride – because If you are using a dating app you’d obviously have a get a ride app

-If you are checking in your coat – GET SEPARATE TICKETS – you never know

Coat checkers are the eyes and ears of nightlife, we witness the little and big social interactions from the time you arrive until the time you leave

Fast forward to last night

I had a girl come to coat check with two jackets, I gave her two tickets and asked her if she would like them hung separately she replied, “together is fine on the same hanger.” She had this puzzling look, I said you never know, I get people all the time on blind dates and sometimes they don’t turn out so good. She started to laugh, and she said, “I never thought of it like that.” She came back at the end of the night smiling saying “ we are still together after two hours.” 

 I know that big holiday with a heart is coming up… YOUR WELCOME!

Until next time,


All I got is a Twomp


All I have is a a twomp/ a $20… 

All I have is a $20, This has been the phrase I have been hearing all week in the coat check. 

And it’s always delivered in the same tone followed by some huge inferred thought.. of possibly a free coat check. And then here is my response popping that thought bubble… I am totally okay with $20s, and I am okay with coins, I will take any United States currency that is legitimate and in circulation. Money is money, even when you scrape the bottom of your purse and wallet for those titbits of coin.

It leads me to think that the patron has been reprimanded in some way for paying with a $20, and by uttering this monotone statement is waiting for some sassy coat check comment. By stating the obvious..$20  they might get some type of hook up, and kudos if you do get hooked up, also a nice gesture of gratitude i.e. tips are always in fashion. 

Oh, nightlife people.. how the four letter words free/comp/list/vips do a number on your brain and start firing off all kinds of excitement. Here is the reality, if you go out to the same spots enough you most likely will get to know folks that are working, and maybe you’ll get the hookup. But the big advice here is don’t get used to it like it’s going to happen every single time you decide to go out. If you do get the hook up, do the return favor and tip graciously. Always be prepared to pay for the service, that way you hold on to your street cred. 

And for the coat checkers that read people the rights having to break a $20, get off your ass and get your manager to get you more change. GEEZ, it is really that simple. The people coming up to the coat check have all kinds of things going on, but paying with a $20 bill shouldn’t make you want to throw yourself off of a cliff because you had to give away your change pile. Think back.. way back to your Brownie and Girl Scout Days

” Always be Prepared.”

On that note, the holidays are here and shows are coming to your town here are some suggestions in no particular order

  • Billy Gibbons touring with new material he is just a classic
  • Zappa plays Zappa
  • Brian Setzer Orchestra 
  • X
  • Erykah Badu
  • Metallica (AT&T) Park
  • Cage The Elephant
  • El Mariachi Bronx – The White Lines Tour
  • Rancid/ English Beat
  • Morrissey
  • The Cure
  • The Nutcracker Ballet
  • Shin Yun Chinese Ensemble
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Local Holiday plays
  • NYE outdoor firework

Also, check out your local listings for concerts coming to town. 

“Tips are always in fashion”


Gung Hey Fat Choy!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015! Gung Hay Fat Choy!

I am proud to say that Check My Coat, made it to 2015. I started this blog for a couple of personal reasons, and it was something that I wanted to be a collective shared experience. I am one of those people that prizes creativity and utility so there you got some great info. on how to check your coat. (I hope..) and got to read some of my grumblings.. ha ha. But in the midst of those things I ran into my blogger voice on here, and that in itself was a learning experience and in 2015, I will be adding other topics to Check My Coat, but the coat topics will still take prioritee( say it like Cartmann from South Park.)

So if you have been reading the coat check blog since the beginning thank you! Hope you all learned something. The world of working at night, in a night club, and doing the coat checking is never the same show/experience twice. It’s nightlife! Night Life and interacting with folks who are out going to shows, working shows, producing  shows, it’s my work world, and it’s pretty cool.
I definitely plan to be expanding the coat check blog to include, interviews from the coat check, show reviews, bands to look out for.
My Check my Coat 2015 aspirations
To get some international followers…especially people from Cold Weather Places.. Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Japan…to add some global perspective to the mix. And places in the US!
And I would like to get this blog out so help me spread the word; if you have friends that read blogs have them visit and like my blog; a quick read on the pot, or in an airport how can you not! I am also interested in clothing company’s and designers that put out coats! Get a review of your coat and see if it’s coat check ready! get a hold Check My Coat.

I am ending this year’s Check My Coat with some lists of TOPS! Enjoy happy new year and no tears! (for all you coat checkers out there you know what I am talking about)

Check My Coat California Bands To Check Out
The Whoosie What’s IT’s
The WasteDeads
Bad Cop/ Bad Cop
Lost Puppy
Party Force
La Plebe

Check My Coat Live Shows to Check out when they go on tour
ALICE COOPER – suggested get the VIP package you’ll definitely want to shake this man’s hand

GWAR – The show is amazing; bring $ for merchandise

MOTORHEAD – Lemmy is still kicking’ ass and takin’ names

L7 – These girls are getting back together look out for this hot ticket

FAITH NO MORE – Look out for this Tour it’s a new album; go on there FB and like them for future info; they haven’t toured in a long time so you know I am going

WILLIE NELSON– This guy live is so talented and he is hella funny

SLAYER– The stage show on this tour made my jaw drop, the lighting and sound guys deserve more $$$!

CULTURE CLUB– They had to cancel their 2014 appearances in the US; but have dates rescheduled in 2015

DIE ANTWOORD– Just because I love these guys; the live show is awesome!

GINGER BAKER and HIS JAZZ TRIO – YES! I saw the Documentary on him and I am a total fan he has a jazz trio.. if your lucky he may just have another go on a jazz set in your area. You get what you get short and sweet set
FISH BONE – These guys are still throwin’ down…you will be amazed

CRAIG FERGUESON– Comedy Tour his show is off the air, but he’s gonna be walking the earth

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – Really awesome show! Great night to get out party and see some songs you know and songs you don’t know

WANDA JACKSON– Miss thang… she is a spit fire and is classy and sassy and you just got to get your rockabilly in there. What a show!

ROUGH FRANCIS – Okay, I had an ironic moment this year.. I saw the documentary “a band called death” , the off shoot of this movie produced Rough Francis, which I got to see at the legendary Hotel Utah…which I had never been too thanks to my husband Boom who was doing their sound that night. It was a first night for them playing in SF! A First night for people stage diving especially at the small stage at Hotel Utah, and meeting the band they were fucking awesome! ask Jello Biafra.. he was there too. The band told me they tour a couple times a year get on their FB page.

LADY GAGA – I got to see a Lady GAGA tour a few years ago and miss thang does go all out. Multiple set changes, costume changes, and what a performer. And I got to actually meet her! she is awesome the real deal. Great show especially if you have to hang out with teens. Dress up for MOTHA’ MONSTER!

Popular Coats Worn in 2014
Marmot – puffy jackets

North Face/ Any Mountain Windbreakers

Old Navy Peacoat’s

Levi’s Denim Jackets

Anthropologie Women’s Coats

Coat Check Basic Rules
Tip on a good job; don’t be cheap

If you don’t have a claim number or a copy then you are fucked, and have to wait until the end of the line; if you do get the hook up from a coat checker then tip

Don’t steal from the tip jar

Never stick your hand in the tip jar always let your coat checker give you change

It’s about 3:30PM, in CA. We are headed into the new year.. be smart about how you party, and make sure you hide a secret $20 bill somewhere just incase you need to catch a ride home.  HAPPY NEW YEAR! Gung Hay Fat Choy!

That Secret Special Place

There is a secret special place you and only you could know.
That secret special place that holds your important things you hold.
A secret special place that you go to time and time again
That secret special place you only share with a close friend.

Like my poem.. ? It’s the intro to this week’s coat check blog.. that secret special place. Everyone has one, sometimes it’s so secret you can’t even remember it especially when you have had a round or three.  But this week I am highlighting the special places we all use.
There are many a check where once the person gets the coat check stub the next move is on the patron to store it.  And storage on a night where you wanna be wild and cra- zay .. is a prime.

Men – Men’s storage is kinda on the predictable side, of course I don’t discount anything they can get pretty creative when needed to but here are the go to spots..
THE WALLET .. those infamous black/brown leather wallets with the compartmentalized sections.. the bills and money section, then the six or eight slits for those credit cards, and the clear face for the ID’s. Guys who usually bust out the wallet shove their coat check ticket into two areas in the clear face right where their ID is at so they can see it, the other spot is into one of those misc. slits. Shoved deeply they can’t see it. (It’s always this action that causes the self induced anxiety, and then when found, the deepest sigh of relief.)
Above the denim pocket there lies an even smaller space.. Both men’s and women’s denim have this compartment.. I don’t know if this was created as a utility move or just a straight up fashion move.. but what ever it is called it is used and works most of the time.
The regular pockets either in the front or back pockets. Not the most secure spot. Why? because as the night progresses those become the reserves for your cash that you are using that night, flyers, phone numbers, your cellphone. And the more that you use that pocket the more the likelihood that you are going to have something fall out of it and poof! there goes that twenty dollar bill that you crumpled up.
Your a pocket kind of guy. front shirt pocket! That is near and dear to your heart. This is what I call the fifty-fifty spot.. coming to claim your coat at the end of the night is like spinning the roulette wheel… front of the line? end of the line? tears? As Robert Smith from The Cure sings “Boys don’t Cry”

Women – The Ladies have a few more options to go on as those mentioned above.  Depending on your fashion choice for the evening you can get pretty crafty.
Behold the power of the bra.. Never underestimate the utility of the bra. It can hold many different things. I’ve seen sizable things to the most smallest things. Cellphones, cigarette packs, mini liquor bottles, YOUR COAT CHECK claim number… The bummer side of this at the end of the night, is that you are whipping’ out a sweaty ass ticket, and so happy that your ta-tas have held it together don’t expect any coat check person to take it from you.  My piece of advice is put it on the counter.
The Boot… As in your shoe, not for the wheel of your car. Boots are in fashion. You can go to any shoe website and it’s BOOTS, BOOTS, BOOTS.. they are all the rage this season. So how does this work.. well most boot wearers must wear long socks at least a knee high number, you can always stick that ticket in that sock and zip that puppy up and poof your on your way to the dance floor. Now if you have not done your laundry and wearing short socks that may get tricky but I am sure where there is a will there is a way.

So you off you go my coat check patrons.. off with your coat,  off with your hats, off with your bags, and shoes and whatever else you decide to shed for the night. Celebrate your secret spots, and don’t forget to tell a friend because two heads are better than one.

Until next time

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So this week it was out with the old and in with the new.
Dec. 31st. , I was super productive, and even took a trip to the office supply store to get new 2014 desk calendars. That always makes it official for me.
But the last week of 2013 was not without it’s interesting events both work and social related. The last week of the year work wise is always a hustle and bustle, super busy. In a larger perspective it’s always the same type of crowd just different music, and the last week of the year always seems to bring out the big guns in people. What I mean by big guns is exactly what it sounds like ” GO BIG OR GO HOME, OR GO TO THE HOSPITAL or JAIL.. because you really went there. Since Christmas week runs into New Year’s Eve it’s a massive party with all the party favors.. the popables, drinkables, snortables and smokables. I was watching the news and the anchor reporting said it best.. it’s amateur a night of revelers who don’t usually go out.

Working coat check on NYE is like being a surfer going out try to conquer Mavericks, but with better chances. You got to have experience, you got to have the supplies and skills, and you got to have the bravado.
It’s a night of hard work, and you have to be clear headed and fast as you possibly move. Also, for the big events with parties that are 1000+ it is always a word to the wise to have 2 coat checkers on deck. The crowds will come in ready to party and they will come back drunk, nasty, whiskey aggressive, ready to puke, and that is just the normal stuff. They will have either had a fabulous or terrible time. There will be tears shed at some point.
So it’s good to have that extra checker on deck to make the pass back fast.

And if you thought all of what I just mentioned was a lot.. then you have to deal with the patrons who lost their ticket.. and the universal law of the land LOST TICKETS must wait till the very end.  This is usually the point is where it all goes out the door you get the tears, aggression, etc.
So as an omage to the lost coat check tickets of 2013.

I bring to you the top ten I lost my ticket lines of 2013











As a new year has begun it’s a fresh start for everyone. My tip of the week is to do a random act of kindness. It can be anything, but it has to come from your most honest and genuine self.  HAPPY NEW 2014!

Don’t stick your hand where it doesn’t belong

Over the past few weeks I have gone over the protocols of coat check and other fun facts. The things to know and be aware of, but as I was working one night I came across something I have not mentioned yet in this blog. And this week’s coat check clue in for the week is..( drumroll please)…NEVER REACH INTO THE TIP JAR.

NEVER REACH INTO THE TIP JAR to make change for yourself or for any other reason. Your hand does not belong in there Digging. This is a big fat faux pas that will totally get your coat check person to turn from a Dr. Jekyll to a Mr./Ms. Hyde. Although you may mean well, your action is being read a totally different way. Why? Because money is involved. I am sure you have heard it or experienced it in some fashion, that when money is involved things can get touchy, tense at times. There is the understated emotional line this is crossed, and once you do that you’ve already branded yourself: Rude, Asshole, Deceptive, a Snooker. (Maybe Snookie got her name because she was always trying to pull a fast one..) hummm. that is something to think about.That is what this action You are initiating is coming across as. Have no fear this is easily solvable.

But how does one avoid that?

You find yourself in the predicament that you need change, and you see a tip jar full of one dollar bills. This next decision, kids is the what separates us from the primates.. ha ha What are you going to do? Take the Red Pill or The Blue Pill?

A. Are you gonna just stick your hand in the tip jar and while your hand is in the jar tell the coat check person that you “are making change.”


B. You keep it together; poker facing that last carbomb and those red cheeks and eyes and you actually talk to your coat check person and ask them for change.

Well, for the brainiacs who picked B, you get a cyber pat on the back. Yes people, you engage the coat check person and just ask them flat out. “I need change for a ten dollar bill”. They in turn will either give you the change that you need, or if by some odd reason your coat check person is out of one dollar bills, they will be the ones to reach into their jar and make change for you.In general always ask! Talk! find out the answers. General rule of thumb: Don’t stick your hand where it doesn’t belong. I am sure your mama has told you that at some point in your life.

I find the personality type that frequents this behavior are the gigantic ego types that can’t seem to put it together that they are not the only ones in this world. The I am so full of myself, I can do anything I want kind of person. This is the bossy type. They are ( Peppermint Patty’s) like from The Peanuts. Peppermint Patty’s are not all bad they just don’t think, and are imposing.

So this party week:  be less ego, super social, inquisitive, and a magical tipper. Your New Year will hold many exciting moments and the best thing is you get your brand new coat back that you bought on Black Friday.


This week in Music

This week in Music I was able to see a really awesome Christmas show. It was Brian Setzer and The Big Band. Talk about amazing and fun! It was a holiday show that was a mix of holiday classic Christmas songs, Rockabilly and big Band songs, and songs from his past bands like The Stray Cats. If you want to be WOWWED! just go see the dude play. He can play anything. I was mostly impressed when he did his own rendition of the Nut Cracker Suite. The Big Band was a true big band full horn section, drums! woodwind section, and these guys had the moves. Lawrence Welk would have been proud! A family holiday show for all ages.




 Oh the weather outside is frightful But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
or correction you do have a place to go, something social and festive at a big event. You are most likely sport in’ your winter clothes. A good jacket, scarf, gloves, a beanie, hat, that extra sweater under your coat even the occasional umbrella.
Your layered up enough to keep yourself warm enough to get to that event.

Upon arrival you find out there is a place to stash your items. Here are a few note worthy items to remember.
 1. When arriving at the coat check make sure you have money, now you don’t have to have a lot of money but have cash. Most coat checks operate on cash. Unless your in Las Vegas or some swanky party your normal coat check price is between $2 and $5 dollars. And if it is a public event in which you had to buy a ticket for then expect to cough up the nominal fee. Never assume coat check it free. I get the occasional question/statement; Oh coat check is not free? And the same question always comes to the front of my mind…What venue are you going to that coat check is free? I’d like to know so I can go there to experience a free coat check.  A general rule of thumb BRING MONEY. If your one of those people who barely made it to the event make sure you have someone in your group who can float you cash. I get it, these days money is tight but if you’ve invested the time to buy a ticket to the show hook yourself up with at least $10 extra to buy you a beer and check your coat.
Be ready to hand in your coat. When handing in your coat it is always a thumbs up if you are ready and have everything you need out of your pockets and purses, and backpacks. The main reason why… your not the only person in line. Nothing holds up the line than a DIGGER.  I get it your rummaging to find that lighter or lipgloss, or whatever you are trying to find, do the right thing and step aside. The coat check person will still be there checking coats.  And don’t forget once you find the item TAKE it with you.  Trust me, the coat check person does not want to watch you put on your lipgloss. You will be ear marked the repeat offender coming back multiple times to check your bag. Now if you are a repeat offender you best better be tipping each time you show up to get something. And buyer beware depending on some coat checks you may not be able to retrieve your item(s) without paying to recheck it this is dependent on the checker and type of event.  If you fall into this group the best thing to do is TALK to your coat checker at the beginning just ask nicely if I need something can I come back? They will let you know right then and there what you can expect. And if you have any other questions ask them. Be socially responsible.
The Double up.. When your reading the signs and price of coat check and it says PER ITEM.. it’s PER ITEM. If you are not sure what the definition of PER is, it pretty much is another word for EACH. Each item. Each item costs $2$,3,$ 4, etc.  Shoving your friend’ s lightweight downed jacket in the sleeve or submitting it as an under layer and trying to dupe your coat checker does one major thing: It makes you look like a douche bag. You come across like your pulling a fast one when at the end of the day your not. Once again, ask your checker what is countable as an item. If your wearing a small throw or extra shirt and you submit both most likely you’ll only be charged to check in your jacket. There is a major reason why the PER ITEM exists, because you will be issued a claim tag for each item. It’s a system that is designed to account for what you submit.  For example your on a date and it’s not going so well.. you have two items submitted and have two tickets so you and the other person can go your separate ways. Now if you had 1 ticket and two items you’d have to claim your item and then go see this person again and have an awkward moment. I see this happen so often a fight between friends, lovers, and couples, or someone wants to leave early, someone is too drunk, someone is not feeling good, the person who had the ticket lost it and now your both Fucked.. you catch my drift. Basic bottom line a ticket an item ensures your get your item back. So don’t get huffy with that double up puffy and a small sweater. Double ups get your act together.  

So this week we have covered that it’s COLD out there!
To have money or a source to money, to be prepared, and don’t double up.
The next time your out test drive these suggestions. You are building up your coat check knowledge.  I’ll be back next week with more advice.
And subscribe to CHECK MY COAT, tell your friends! And feel free to interact and ask questions.

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Let Go of Your Woobie.. Oh I meant Coat

I guess a person’s initial experience in using coat check is usually when they start socializing and going out. Night clubs, country clubs, the opera, a sporting event where it would be common place to find somewhere to stash your belongings during the event and pick them up later.  And this can occur at any age, but one thing holds true you must be shown the protocol of how to use the coat check. It’s a small part of the right of passage to your social life, but an essential one. Just like any life skill like tying your shoe laces, someone had to show you the art of making the two loops and fixing them together so you wouldn’t TRIP. And, after you practiced you could do it on your own at any time needed.

This is my 2.5 cents to the world of coat check. If your the inquisitive type of person. I do work in the world coat check, have been rockin’ the coat check since 2006. And I have checked many a coat. All different types of coats, and each coat belongs to an owner, and that is a (future blog) . I am one of the first persons’ or the first person that you see when you enter the venue; sometimes you may even put me before you visit the bar. Other times, I see you pass me by with this inquisitive look like what are you doing in there? What exactly is that little room your in? or if your in a nasty mood.. I rather carry my own coat; why should I even pay for this; or how can I get a free coat check. And this is where life gets interesting, your either one of those people who has no problem asking questions, or your waaay on the introverted side that it pains you to even utter a word that you’d rather scratch out your eyeballs. Or your the.. I’ve never done this before, can talk, but at the same time a highly anxious person that you debate in your head if you can let go of your woobie. LET GO OF YOUR WOOBIE! I call your group the Linus’.

And last but not least everyone has a little Ebenezer Scrooge (for those don’t know this name Wiki it) in them. Yes folks the miser, the penny pincher, the cheapskate, the free loader, the broke friend in the group with no money, I could go on…
the one who will get fucked up the most and be the most high maintenance that you are the downer in the group because people have to take care of you. Your Wimpy, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Your just a big time party mess in that cabeza that holds your brain. I find that everyone has a different level of Scrooge in them from none, low, med, high, and extreme. For those on the extreme side it must be hard to be you, and how did you even make it out of the house? This personality, is the one I deal with the most so of course I had to embellish. Oh and embellish I shall. (Future Blog)

I’ll be there when you get there, and I’ll be there when you leave. I’ll be the one you come to when you’ve lost something and in tears, and trying to calm you down. And I’ll be the one giving you the business teaching you the most valuable lesson of losing your ticket. Everyone does it occasionally but eventually you’ll learn.  And when the hangers are left on the the rack and the tickets in the trash another night to remember for both of us coat checker and patron. Remember: Practice makes perfect, and so do TIPS from Jesus.

And my Blog will cover all kinds of things that I find interesting, protocol, odd questions, concert show reviews. I will be posting weekly and I do encourage you to all pass on my blog to your friends, family, and strangers that you meet. Also publishable copy for distribution is available just contact me.

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Wiki is recommended for references you don’t get.