It’s getting hot in here

It’s Summer! Hi Everyone, Summer is upon us and there are definite changes in what you are wearing these days. Over the past few weeks working in coat check I have noticed coat and jackets have morphed into spring and summer wear. Less bulk, to match the weather. In the Summertime, what comes into coat check changes. The last shift I worked I would definitely say was more backpack and bag oriented. Followed by light shells of coats, denim jackets. vests, windbreakers, light sweaters etc.

Summer is a great time to be going out there are festivals, outside concerts, events, block parties, parades you name it’s about to roll around. This weeks coat check focuses on packaging what you brought. In one of my first blogs, I referred to people digging in their bags as “diggers”, looking into a bag that seems like an endless hole, where you know you put something away, and are actively trying to retrieve it. This is not a bad thing, but it does hold up the line for coat check. I recommend taking a few mins, before you come to the coat check window to check in your items, and double check what you are showing up with, what you will need, and where you are storing it; i.e. ( your ID, credit card). and then check it. You will have to take your claim number and put it somewhere, and these days just get creative take your cellphone and snap a picture. I always encourage this.

If you find yourself at an outdoor event, festival, big concert. You will have to plan ahead to bring the provisions you will need all day long. So the night before make a checklist. Go to the festivals website and see what you can actually bring in, the rules change all the time. Some festivals may provide a locker system, you can rent one for the day they look like the one you’d find at the local skating rink. They are great because you and your friends can share it and you can stop by and get stuff as you need.

If you find yourself as an outdoor event, there may be a tent where you may be able to store your items as well. Just make sure that you ask the attendant on the rules.

So enjoy yourselves, get to a summer show! You all have earned it.

I’m going to be updating later on this week a summer list of shows.