Cost Free? Not at the Coat Check.

Hey Everyone,

I’m Back in full action. I am quite excited to announce that I have been busy at work getting interviews set up and I am in the middle of giving this blog some new components. This weeks blog is about money.. MONEY!

Money does make the world go round, I have talked about money in the beginnings of this blog and throughout it, but let’s shed more light on this topic of money. Back in the day I used to be a travel agent, and trust me I’ve heard it all.. and amongst us travel agents we used to say that if you go on vacation, you should always be prepared to spend the amount you spent on your vacation package on yourself,or something very close to that. For example, your not going to buy a trip to Vegas with hotel and airfare for 350.00 bux, and show up with $50.00 for the few days that you are there. I mean you could if you were one of those people featured on some reality show like extreme coupon cutters. And this leads me to extend this same concept to when you go out.

When one goes out to a show.. how much money do you take with you? Well, one needs some money for transport, beer, dinner, COAT CHECK, merchandise from the band. Ya’ll this is not brain surgery, if you go out to a show with $10 bucks then your gonna get a $10 dollar night which is totally doable. You can get on the bus for 2 bucks, got to McDonalds or Pop-eyes for $3bucks, go to a liquor store and buy some cheap ass beer $1 a can, and go by the merch table and hopefully the band you saw has a free item for you like a sticker or a free download card, that leaves you with $4 bucks. Now folks, I have been around the block so this $10 dollar night is totally doable. But, on your $10 dollar night on your escapades don’t grovel.. In general, most people don’t go up to the bartender and say, hey I really don’t have any money but can I get a free drink? believe me I know for a fact there are people who will do that, but the response you’ll get from the bartender is “Next in Line” unless your related to the bar, bartender, have a drink ticket, or your entrance ticket covers a free drink then buddy your outta luck.

And then, there is the same question posed to the coat check. And, I think other coat checkers out there will agree. The coat check is such a small fee, by asking for a free check when you clearly see a sign that coat check is $2 per item, and then asking only puts your coat checker in an odd situation. First of all you are going to get a no. And let me tell you why…1. you’d be taking up hanger space 2. I’d be exhausting my energy, who works for free? especially till 2am or 6am 3. we have to give you a return ticket, and those cost money, return tickets are how coat checks operate it ensures you get your item back. 4. tickets are how the venue keeps track, so basically you are asking your coat checker to personally pay for your coat, man that is really bold, and personally speaking you suck! It only makes me cringe at the sight of your face and with a smile say no.  It’s like me a coat checker going to your place of work and saying can I get that for free? oh your a graphic artist can you design a flyer for me for free? oh you work at Macy’s can I get those shoes for free? Oh you work at that restaurant, can I get my dinner for free? Oh you work for comcast cable, can I get my cable for free? Oh you work at that auto body shop, can you fix my breaks for free? Get it…?

And, unless it’s a special event where you see FREE coat check in Bold letters, then assume it’s between $2-10+bucks.

I guess I am just trying to shed more light and intelligent thinking out there in terms of how to go out and use a coat check or something similar.. people that work as bartenders, coat checkers, and valets, restaurant workers we get all these questions we are providing you with a service. It’s the service industry.. you pay something for a service that is how it works.  So with good intentions educate each other and pass it on.

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